Day Two: In the Hopper

All right, I did the sculpt routine again. I actually got through more of it this time. I didn’t do the whole thing, but I didn’t shut it off either. I think that helped.

The strategy here is the same one being pushed all over the fitness world. Move from one exercise to the other without pausing, and only take breaks to stretch and keep the muscles from tightening up.

The quick movement from one to another in the circuit makes the program more effective, but harder for beginners to work with too. I have to pace myself or I’ll either get too winded or too sore to continue.

Tonight I used some dumb bells instead of using the resistance bands. It’s faster getting from one to the next, but then, I can’t adjust the weight on the fly either. And I’m not going to be able to convince my wife to let me invest in adjustable ones right now. Maybe someday, but not now.

I have them set to 10lbs right now. I was going to go for 15 but I’m glad I didn’t. I need to use the higher weights for my biceps and triceps I think. I don’t feel the burn on those. I also didn’t go past 8 reps on anything either though. I’ll stick with 10 for now, but I’d like to move to 15 as soon as I can.

And joy of joys, the Lord is with me! I had a dumb bell from a few years back. I couldn’t remember much about it though. I pulled it out last night and looked it over and HUZZAH! it’s the same size opening as my new weight set (purchased this past weekend). The plates are metal though, which is better to me. The collars screw into place, which is nice, and the rubber (hard) grip is a bit larger than the bare bar in the other set.

I’m still getting Fat Gripz on payday though.

So, day two is over, and tomorrow I’ll see how I feel. If I’m able, I might just try that cardio routine. Otherwise I’ll just do sculpting every other day and gear up for all six days next week.


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