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Entering Week Two

Well, a week went by before I knew it! I worked out three days last week and I’m gunning for at least that this week. I might even add in the cardio portions.

My hesitation is this: I haven’t been able to finish the whole routine yet. I want to be able to do ALL the exercises, in complete sets of the ascribed number of repetitions. I can’t do that yet. And to be honest, some of the exercises don’t seem all that interesting or appealing to me. Still, I have to get through the entire routine before I dive into the next phase, I’d think.

Nevertheless, tonight I made progress. I was able to complete 5-5-5s, which is a set of wide-hand push-ups (five of them), a set of close-hand push-ups (five more), and a set of standard push-ups (five again). The DVD uses 7-7-7, but I can’t do that yet. So, my first day I did thirteen. Five, four and four. The next time I did fourteen – 5, 5 and 4 respectively. But today I did fifteen. And I was able to do a few more reps on a few other exercises, too. Not earth-shattering, to be sure, but progress nonetheless.

So, we’ll see how I’m doing tomorrow. I don’t know if I’ll be sore, but it will likely be less traumatic than in days past. I feel completely fine now, which is different than previous workouts. I normally feel the effects and the onset of soreness almost right away; tremors and quivering too. Nothing tonight. So far, so good. I might just beat this thing after all.

I’m fairly confident I can get back into lipolysis pretty quickly too. I don’t think it will take four days despite the binge this weekend. I found a way to enhance and deepen it too, with only a tiny change in diet. (My breakfast biscuit sandwiches from McD’s are a bit higher than I anticipated; coupled with everything else I was in the upper 90s for carb grams/day!) By eating only the two bottom biscuit halves (rather than both biscuits – I’m not that far along yet), I can keep myself deep into lipolysis/ketosis. We’ll see how effective that trick turns out to be, but I’m confident. I have a higher tolerance to carbs than I thought.

No signs of depression or mood shifts or anything indicating too few carbs, either. I may add some legumes to it later as the workouts put more demands on me. We’ll see.

Tomorrow’s another step.


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