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More Dieting Experimentation

Well, we’re adding more fat to our diet, and that’s the good news.

The bad news is, we’re adding more fat to our diet — and we didn’t count our carbs accurately enough to get away with doing that carelessly.

So here I am, cruising along thinking I’m about to LAUNCH into ketosis, when I find out I’m eating almost my maximum intake of carbs every day before I even get home to dinner. When I do have dinner, there are built in carbs in the salad with toppings (like tortilla strips) and the dressing.

So, now that I know this, I’m cutting the carb level during the day dramatically. I’ll be roughly halving what I normally do, I suspect. And I can adjust further as I need to.

I was using salsa to top an omelet bake breakfast scramble thing — eggs (whole), cheese (cheddar, shredded), mushrooms (a few carbs there), bacon and sausage (probably some in both of those). But it turns out the salsa represented a whopping 21g of carbs alone. I was topping that off with a sourdough English muffin on the mistaken belief I needed more carbs for my body’s natural CCL, but now I see this is out of hand.

Atop the breakfast, any carbs in the rest of my daily food were compounding the problem. I figure by the time I get home I’ve eaten 40 of the 50g we’re shooting for daily. So adding in dinner, and probably some strays from the gum I chew, and I was likely over the 50g anyway.

Nevertheless, I consider the 50g too high at this point. I selected that number because the man behind the website War on Insulin, Dr. Peter Attia, hit that number as he experimented with ketogenic dieting.

But, Dr. Attia is also an extremely accomplish athlete and works out some 3 hours a day. I can’t — won’t — do that, so I probably should lower that carb number significantly. Perhaps to 35g or so per day, but I can’t tell yet.

Next, I have to consider how much protein I’m taking in each day too. I haven’t sat down to calculate that. Tonight for dinner we had salmon steaks, about 8oz each for each of us, and then our usual salad. I don’t know if it’s 3 cups per day, but it’s all I can force down in a single sitting.

So, still some tweaking to do, and we still haven’t gotten any KetoStix. So we’ll find out when I do whether they can measure our ketosis or not (not always possible, especially if the ketones don’t make it into the urine).

Stay tuned, if you’d care to.


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