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Why Can’t We Just Get Along?!

Okay, so the funny part is, ketogenic diets and paleo diets are pretty much just varieties of LCHF diets. Yet, I hear so many different things from their two camps.

Paleo dieters say carbs from berries, certain fruits and nuts are okay. Most LCHF diet proponents say no to those things, simply because the goal is to lower carbohydrate intake. Paleo proponents, on the other hand, say emphatically if fat loss is the goal, then make sure the fruit is ONLY a less sugary variety and ONLY once a day, and do the same with nuts and seeds.

So…basically, low-carb dieting, right?

And then ketogenic diet proponents say things like canola oil is an all right source of fats, but paleo proponents say to avoid canola, safflower, and other processed oils. Some ketogenic diet pros agree, but they don’t see eye to eye on dairy at all. Dairy is a good source of fat on ketogenic menus, but it’s verboten on paleo menus.

Paleo proponents argue those things disallowed on the diet are such because our ancestors didn’t have access to them in the Paleolithic era. All well and good, but we didn’t have Angus beef then either, and yet that’s okay. And we didn’t have turkeys like we have now, but that’s okay. And we didn’t have bacon then either, and yet that’s not only okay, that’s encouraged. And the answer is, “Well, we have to update the Paleolithic menu to one available to us today.” Okay, so that should also go for the oils and dairy products, too, shouldn’t it? Why does the shoe only fit on one foot, the street only go one way? So long as it supports what you say, we’re good, otherwise, not so much.

Ketogenic diets aren’t easy either, even though they say they are. There’s the constant monitoring of intake levels for not just carbohydrates, which I understand, but for protein as well. Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution didn’t talk about limiting protein in the edition I read…did it? I don’t recall seeing it anyway. But if we eat too much protein, so the KD pros say, we hit gluconeogenesis, and WHAM! Out of ketosis, out of fat loss, and back to gaining weight.

As an aside, this is what derailed so many “low carb dieters” in the late ‘90s and early 2000s; they thought they could have all the protein they wanted if they didn’t eat carbs and watched fat. Wrong. So they they scream about how the diet doesn’t work when no one bothered to read past the allowed food list in the book anyway.

So, why is there so much disagreement?

My goal is definitely fat loss, and weight loss. So I have to skip the nuts and seeds for the most part, and get as much fat as I can without overdoing it on protein. Oh, and three cups of leafy green vegetables per day is a lot of veggies, yo. I’m not there yet and spend most of my evening belching as it breaks down in my gut. Ick.

But at least there is that agreement between LCHF diets: Eat three cups of leafy green vegetables a day. (By the way – how do paleo dieters justify that? Our cavemen ancestors didn’t know about agriculture until 10K years ago – remember? Keep it consistent, people.)


One thought on “Why Can’t We Just Get Along?!

  1. Jim Jozwiak says:

    I like your blog. Why don’t you work it out with nutrition software? For instance, to be in ketosis you need to limit protein somewhat so you can’t eat enough pork to get enough potassium, so you have to OD on lettuce…

    I’m using something like that. I’ve looked into nutritional software before, but never settled on one. I guess I’ll check again. Thanks!

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