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Update-y Things

Well, we have a scale finally, and a few boxes of ketosis urinalysis strips, so we’re good to go!

One bummer about that, though – I created a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet which did food calculations and gave me some helpful information like total grams per amount of food eaten based on serving sizes and approximate number of servings consumed. I built in the calculations so they’d propagate over the entire area and it was very slick. It would calculate the total calories consumed and what percentage of those came from which macronutrients. But, in the end, this is going to work out much, much better I think. I have a visual method for tracking my ketosis progress and don’t have to guess whether I’m in ketosis or not now.

And the scale’s a boon too, because I can recall how much I weight fully-clothed at my doctor’s visit (not to mention I recorded it here for posterity and humiliation), and so with a ball-park figure in mind I can begin tracking my weight loss over time too. Now, I have no way of knowing how long I’ve been in ketosis, so I don’t know whether the number at my doctor’s visit is higher, lower or about the same as it is today, but I can see it now and I’ll keep an eye on it over time.

More important than that number, however, is the way I feel and look. If that changes enough I’ll be happy with what’s going on.

No signs of weakening or craving right now. Yeah, sometimes I sort of miss fast food, but when I realize how awesome this has been, how delicious the food is, and how much better I’ll feel when I reach my goal weight…well.

So, my numbers for today:

WEIGHT: 274lbs
KETO LVL: Moderate

See you with the next update.


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