Weekend Happening

Weight: 273lbs
Ketosis Lvl: Mod-Lg

Well! My wife and I are in ketosis HUGE! Thanks to the urinalysis strips we got, we can test with impunity. I did it several times a day over the weekend just to watch the strip change so fast. It’s been a long, long time since I was so far into ketosis. I don’t know how long it will sustain, but doggone it, I feel good, I’m not overly irritable (more on this as events warrant), and while I’m not noticing any body changes yet, it looks like we finally found the missing key to making the low-carb lifestyle we knew was correct and for us work.

Because it works — and because it’s easy to measure our success with those wonderful little strips and our brand-spanking new scale — it’s easy to stay encouraged, stay on track and keep going. This feels like the final time we’ll need to discuss things like what we’ll do to lose weight, ever. Once our weight is in control and we’ve reached out goal weight, there’s no reason at all we can’t sustain what we’re doing. It’s easy, never boring, delicious and simple. What’s not to like?

We discussed this last night. Most people who diet see some goal — probably a goal weight, particular clothing size, or something similar — as just that: the endpoint. Something to strive for and reach. The journey’s destination, as it were.

But we’re not looking at it that way. We’ve made the mind-shift from thinking of this as a diet to thinking of this as a lifestyle. We’re not going to go back to eating the way we did once, the way most people will “fall off the wagon” on most diets. For one thing, we’re not hungry…ever. That makes temptations easy to pass by. For another, there is no endpoint to this for us.

That second point is really important. We don’t have the mindset of trying to reach a particular goal. Yes, we’d like to be thinner, and yes, we’d like to wear smaller clothes, but those things aren’t goals. Not really. I’m not targeting a particular pair of pants or a shirt, event, or gathering as a point where I’ve completed the journey. For us, this is a new normal. This is what we are. This is how we eat now, and there’s never going to be a time when we don’t eat this way anymore. Occasional meals off the plan? Sure, most likely. But few and far between, too. We eat low-carb, and we are not dieting. We are not on a “low car diet,” our diet is now low-carb. It’s not a diet, it’s our diet. Watching it is a forever thing.

I can’t smoke because it’s not good for me. Alcoholics don’t drink. And I can’t eat a high-carb diet anymore, period. And so this new mindset carries with it the freedom of knowing I’ll never be one of those hungry, stomach-growling people who starve themselves with processed grains, eat like cattle and then spend all their free time trying to lose the excess weight they carry and battle their hunger pangs too.

I’ve never tried dieting before, so I can’t speak to it much. I can say, I had zero interest in long stretches of working out and being hungry all the time. With this life, I have to accommodate neither. And I’m very glad for that.


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