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Out of Ketosis

Weight: 274lbs
Ketosis: Trace/None (!?)

Today, for the first time since I’ve started my ketogenic diet, I have fallen almost completely out of ketosis.

There is no logical explanation why. I worked my food tracker spreadsheet last night and tracked what I ate yesterday. I was in moderate level yesterday morning when I awoke, before 6AM, but by the same time this morning I was out. I was also in at about 10PM last night, at the moderate level. So something happened over the course of the night to take me out.

This, of course, makes the dinner I had suspect, but when I worked up the macronutrient breakdown, I had only one boneless, skinless chicken breast, and a salad with oil-and-vinegar dressing (my beloved Good Seasons, of course!), plus a tablespoon and a half or so of coconut oil. I never had a dessert of any kind, and my only drink was Crystal Light peach tea mix in water, same as I always have. Nothing unusual about my cuisine last night — very Paleo, very ketogenic.

So what happened?

I’m without a clue, but it should be interesting to see what I find tonight when I get home and test again. I wasn’t all the way out, I don’t think; I believe I measured in the very low trace range, but still. I have no idea why the sudden drop even took place.

My one suspicion is dehydration. I woke up extremely parched, but didn’t really sate the thirst before I left for work. Now I’m trying to do it here and get work done, but I wanted to journal this in case there’s something I missed in my food yesterday. I did add, as best I could recall, my lunch and daytime items to my food tracker but my overall numbers for the day were about 60/35/5 (f/p/c, percentages).

Mysteries! Why this happened and what to do to avoid it in the future?

Or is it time to switch to Paleo (and this would’ve happened on that type of diet too)? Hm.


One thought on “Out of Ketosis

  1. mysleepingdragon says:

    Does Good Seasons use sugar in their mixture? Although I cannot imagine that there would be enough to kick you out. I am not an expert but keep myself in ketosis whenever possible, I think you are still in, but having various moments that you are not spilling as much throughout the day. Once you are in, there really isn’t any reason to test everyday unless you suspect getting bumped out by a restaurant dinner or a binge.

    What I do it test in the evening, which will show darkest. Morning can appear negative at times. I believe the amount of fat in the diet can also influence the ketones showing up on the test strips. Once I am in and my diet stays consistent, I test about once a week to ensure I am not kidding myself.

    Your thirst level is curious, have you had your blood glucose tested? If you are drinking plenty of fluids, you shouldn’t be so thirsty. Diabetes has a classic symptom of thirst. I am diabetic II and low carb manages it well without medication. When the appetite drops dramatically from ketosis, sometimes we forget to get the fluids in and can easily get dehydrated. I fill a large pitcher of water every morning and then I can tell by evening how much I have taken in. I don’t count tea or coffee as fluids as they are dehydrating.

    You are doing fabulously as far as I can tell (just started following you). Relax a bit, all will fall into place soon enough.

    Thank you so much for your comment. I’ve been afraid any I got would be the “this is dangerous” and “fat will kill you” variety, so I very much appreciate your thoughts as a fellow low-carb dieter. 🙂

    Yes, I’m sure my thirst isn’t diabetes. It’s really a one-day thing. And I’ve been a bit of a sponge all my life, even when I was young and fit. I tend to sweat profusely and always have, so I lose a lot of water that way. Couple that with watershed from a new diet and that probably explains just the thirst. Oh, and if Good Seasons does use sugar, it’s such a minute amount it wouldn’t have any impact, even if I ate the entire container in a single sitting. The mix is made with olive oil (in my case), water and red wine vinegar. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and it’s never had any impact before. This is just the first thing.

    Thank you for the encouragement. It’s nice to know someone else has experienced moments when their ketosis level dropped but they didn’t fall out of lipolysis. I’m going to hope that’s the case with me, and yes, this was a morning test. You’re also right about not needing to test so often, but I’m still very excited and want to make sure the day’s cuisine hasn’t caused something to happen (as it clearly did yesterday!), so I’m trying to cut to just testing in the evening (if morning’s going to be a problem, I guess, or fluctuate dramatically).

    Thank you again, for being such a wonderful encouragement.

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