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Still Not Budging

Weight: 275lbs
Ketosis: Large

Well, my ketosis seems back on track after falling off very deeply Saturday. Both my wife and I suffered the same fate this time. I wondered if it might be an overdose of protein but haven’t resorted to my food tracker to determine whether that might be the case. I know, I know, I should do that, but there are a couple of reasons why I haven’t yet.

First, I don’t think it matters much. I don’t think we’re eating enough protein to worry about gluconeogenesis, at any rate. Now, my wife made a statement over the weekend which told me she may not completely “get it” yet about gluconeogenesis, and if she does, then I certainly don’t.

She thought it couldn’t be that (gluconeogenesis) because she’s eating fats with every bit of protein. If I interpreted her statement correctly – and I may not have, frankly – it sounded like she believes you can balance the effects of protein with fat. You can’t. Too much protein will be too much protein irrespective of how much fat is ingested with it, before it, or after it. So there’s no “balancing” from that perspective. (She might, however, have meant she didn’t believe she could be intaking too much protein because the amount of fat she’s consuming at each meal causes the feeling of being full to hit before she can do so. This is, on recollection, more likely the case, but I haven’t spoken with her about it to confirm either.)

Nevertheless, with my body the way it is right now, my ketosis level has gone up a bit from where it was previously. All weekend, I was solidly in the moderate range. And assuming this isn’t dietary ketosis I’m seeing in the urinalyses, then the rate of ketosis went up over the weekend without much goosing from me dietetically.

That, if it’s true, would be encouraging. Maybe just staying the course is the right thing to do. Maybe just continuing on will give me the results I need. I know a few things for sure. I know for sure ketogenic diets don’t seem to work as quickly the second time (or third, or fourth) it’s tried. Deepened metabolic resistance, perhaps? Hm. I also know there is the Kekwick Fat Fast, which is very difficult but not impossible, and holds dramatic results. I know there is exercise, and while I also know exercise does NOT hold the key to weight loss, I cannot deny the results I got just with exercise and intermittent fasting alone (no dietary change at all). If I couple the two, what will the improvements be?

Finally, I also know I can simply have patience. If yeast is a problem for me (and it could be) that will resolve first. If I’m diabetic or pre-diabetic or whatever, that too will resolve. If there’s a real and necessary critical carbohydrate level for weight loss (and I certainly am not hitting that, guaranteed), then the mystery is solved, but how can I tell? Experimentation could destroy weeks of hard work.

And there is always the food tracker, which helped a lot in identifying places of higher-than-expected carbohydrate creep. So maybe in the end, that’s the answer after all. Maybe I just need to be better about tracking my calories, and making them count. Or counting them, because there are plenty of people saying it’s something necessary now.

Ah, I love the dizzying array of “who knows” going on in my life. No I don’t.


One thought on “Still Not Budging

  1. Elisa says:

    What my husband and I finally came to realize in our own weight loss journey, is that our bodies are not a bank account, it is a chemistry lab, as someone once put in their article about weight loss, sorry, I can’t remember who. But it is true. The more we fussed about each carb and each calorie, the less sense it all made.

    We both lost a large portion of our weight in the beginning by restriction and over time it stopped working. Nothing we did by anyone’s book worked. We made charts, we weighed each gram of food, we changed up the ratios of fat to protein, still firmly believing that somehow the numbers HAD to work. This narrow focus left us bewildered, as we firmly believed that numbers were absolutes. What we failed to see is that there may be all kinds of health correcting things going on in our bodies during this (overly) long rest the body seems to be taking that we cannot detect. We realized how the sense of wellbeing was so important, in fact MORE important than the gratification of weight loss. When our thoughts started shifting towards overall health and a sense of wellbeing, the numbers became background noise.

    I am only half way to my weight loss goal of a 160 pound loss. My husband is within 30 pound of his goal. Both of us stalled dramatically. I do ketogenic, he merely cut his carbs down to about 100g day (won’t give up his potatoes, lol). Both had dramatic results, both stalled. We decided to let it ride and continue on because of how well we feel. This is the way we eat now, the “core” of what we return to, not as a diet to lose weight but as the way that brings us our health and wellbeing. That is not to say that we don’t want to finish to the goal, but our little chemistry lab is doing it’s thing right now and we are reaping the benefits even if it does not gives us a pleasing number result on the scale. Eventually it will.

    Thank you so much. Lord knows how bad I need to hear (and believe!) in this message. I have to hang on and my wife has said from the beginning she believes the body is working “behind the scenes” as it were to correct issues and problems we may not even know we have (we did spend a LOT of years without health insurance to find out). But we’re not giving up. People like you and your husband are the inspiration to keep trying, keep striving, and work at making this happen.

    I also took your advice and checked out a couple of Yahoo! groups about ketogenic dieting. I must say, you were dead-on. The main thing I found there is “be patient.” Easier said than done for me, I’m afraid. 🙂 Thank you again so much. I hope to be better in that aspect soon. SOON, dammit!

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