diet, weight loss

Caloric Intake

Weight: 274lbs
Ketosis: None/Trace (!)

Well. I’ve heard it said, though the tide seems to be changing on this now, that the calories on a ketogenic diet aren’t important. Only how the calories are distributed. So if you’re eating 2000 calories a day and 1600 of those (80%) are from fat, that’s a much better diet than 2000 calories with 800 of them from carbohydrates.

I have to wonder, however, whether this is more “conventional wisdom” which should be discarded in favor of science. I don’t exercise. Right now, with my back pain the way it’s been, I don’t have the ability to do so. Fine; but eating a ketogenic diet shouldn’t include calorie counting, right? So I’ve not done that.

But I’ve been struggling, and now I’ve discovered my caloric intake has risen.

So if it’s not about how much you eat but what, then calories shouldn’t matter too much. But I wonder if that’s true; and certainly everyone’s different. It may be important to my weight loss whereas not so much for someone else. So for me, a tool like my food tracker spreadsheet now becomes worth its weight in gold.

I entered my daily calories in it for today, best I can recall (I don’t leave out anything major). What I see is, I started just under 1000 calories. One week later, I increased that intake to almost 1600 calories (two salmon fillets; yum!). And then back down to just under 1100, then to just under 1400, and today?

Today I broke the caloric bank at almost 2000 calories. I have no excuse and no explanation. Well, maybe an explanation. I’ve been using cream cheese and nuts as a “meal substitute” for a couple of days. It’s delicious, it’s luxurious, and it’s full of fat.

But the numbers go like this:

There are 9g of fat in each ounce of cream cheese, to 1g carbohydrates and 2g protein. I had half a brick, which is about four ounces, so I multiply the fat by four, then by nine (since there are nine calories per gram of fat). With the carbs and protein, I do the same but multiply total grams by four instead of nine. And the totals?

Yikes! 760 calories in the cream cheese and walnuts I ate at lunch alone! No wonder I’m topping out the caloric counter!

So this is a luxury item, calorically speaking. I have to decide whether I can eat this much food and lose weight, or if this is part of the problem. In retrospect, I had trouble getting into and staying into ketosis before my caloric count went nuts. I don’t know what I might have eaten last night but this morning I was almost completely out of ketosis. (Nothing I ate explains it, really.) And I don’t see any change in the scale numbers.

Rather than get hysterical about these things though, I think I’ll try being calm, sitting and monitoring what goes into my mouth, and see what I can learn here. My handy-dandy food tracker will be a bit help in that.


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