diet, weight loss


Weight: 273lbs
Ketosis: Varying (Trace to Large)

Well, at last something good seems to be happening on the weight-loss front! I’ve actually moved the scale down a couple of pounds!

Of course, this is all contingent on time of weighing, what I’ve eaten, the mood of the scale, etc., but for me, seeing the numbers change really gave me a boost. I’ve been steadily at it for months now, and to have that number finally drop was a huge bolster for both my confidence in the diet and my belief in doing it correctly.

For giggles today, I tracked what I ate, and I came out with almost ideal ketogenic diet numbers: 82% fat, 15% protein and 3% carbohydrates. That’s just pure luck. Last night I grilled some steaks (we just got a new Smokey Joe grill, the first grill we’ve owned in about three years) and had a big salad. Later, still hungry, we went out and got some nice fatty burgers and tossed the buns. I ended the night in “large” ketosis (the scale on my bottle, of course), and woke up in moderate (so very little change some ten hours after eating.

Can’t make a habit out of that, but I feel pretty confident the fat and protein balance has to be a little better. A bit later today (about noon, I suppose), I ate four ounces of cream cheese and a few ounces of pecans. I’ve done this under the premise of this being a Kekwick sort of meal, and since it’s fairly satisfying, I assumed it would hold me off for a bit. But a few hours later, I was in trace ketosis.

I’m beginning to suspect the pecans. I’d have to watch the walnuts to see if there’s a similar reaction, but I can’t see why there wouldn’t be.

Later this afternoon, I ate two cans of tuna (at 26g of protein and 2g of fat each) in water, added two tablespoons of olive oil, five tablespoons of mayonnaise, and one tablespoon of sweet relish. I ate the whole thing except for one bite and in a few hours, I was deep into ketosis (“large” on my scale).

So, now the experimentation.

I’m going to go with only walnuts for one or two days and see if I have the same problem. If so, bingo – the nuts are the problem. If not, great, because I love pecans and walnuts. But I love the idea of losing weight more. Then I’ll try a couple of days without either and see if there’s an improvement that way.

Still, I feel something’s finally happening, and I couldn’t be more glad.


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