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Interesting Observation

I can’t be sure if this is something real or something imagined.

I’ve been loosely tracking my food intake for a few weeks now, which helped me identify carbohydrates sneaking into my diet when I first attempted the ketogenic approach. Later, it helped me keep a guideline on how many calories I took in. I know there’s a lot of debate about whether ketogenic diets require caloric control, so I’ve not done much to try and come down on that issue. I’m only noticing something and I want to log it while I can.

A couple of days ago when I filled out my food tracker, I noticed I went way, way up on caloric intake. And around the same time (though I can’t recall precisely whether before or after), I noticed the numbers on the scale change for the first time since I’ve started this process. (They’ve subsequently changed back. Go friggin’ figure.) So, because my caloric intake went up and my weight went down, is there a correlation?

In other words, is the key to this diet going to be remaining in ketosis for a long period of time and making sure the caloric intake is higher than I expect? For that day, the calories ran nearly 2500 for the day. My normal caloric intake has squatted between 1100 and 1600, but hasn’t ever peaked so high before or since.

Does the calorie consumption need to go up for this thing to work? While the question remains, I think experimentation in this matter is dangerous. The last thing I need is to gain any weight. Any. So I’m not willing to start packing on calories just to find out.

Interestingly, the number distribution among my macro nutrients were about 80/17/3 (f/p/c, in percentage of caloric intake). I found that very interesting; when enough fat is consumed (and Phinney and Volek maintain 65-85% fat intake is where we should be targeting), my calories skyrocketed. Of course they did — it’s more than 2:1 calorie ratio compared with protein or carbohydrates, naturally the calorie count will launch.

So, is the problem still insufficient fats? I’ve been in the 70-75% range for most of the time I’ve done ketogenic. And yet, the numbers never moved. Is there a combination of calories and percentages at play I haven’t seen yet?

More confusion, more questions than answers. Today I’m almost back to where I’ve been the whole time, weight-wise. I thought I’d made progress, but no. I’ve actually lost some ground without even trying.

Weird. Very weird. Need to get this figured out before I do something harmful to my long-term health.


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