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More Interesting Developments

Weight: 272.4
Keytones: Trace/small (?!)

So, guess what? I’ve lost some weight. Well…maybe.

As usual, the numbers aren’t consistent. But it seems when I don’t work so hard to get my caloric intake up the day shows progress.

In reality, that’s probably not true. I ate very high calories on Friday and Saturday, and perhaps that’s the reason for the drop. I don’t know. I can say whenever my ketone levels seem down is when my weight seems to show a drop too. Very strange. On the other hand, maybe eating all the extra calories is what tripped the weight loss. If I don’t keep that up, I might go back to my previous weight or not drop further. And it’s not like I haven’t seen previously the numbers fall only to come right back up.

Yesterday I ate two triple — yes, triple — Whoppers with cheese from Burger King, and removed the buns. My wife matched me, and I was full well into the night. I didn’t eat until 11AM this morning (just finished!). Even though I’d been in a fasted state for so long, my ketone production was low. Interesting.

But the scales showing a number some 1.4lbs lower than the day before is what surprised me the most. Yesterday I got discouraged at how the numbers climbed right back to previous levels. Today, I’m down by more than a pound. Very strange, and very inconsistent. Of course, during the work week, I have the ability to weigh myself at the same time, first thing in the morning (well…almost first thing. ‘Nough said.) So I can get a better idea of a fixed point across those five days, at least.

But I find it strange that my wife — also suffering in low ketosis levels — has expressed she feels poorly for the first time since we’ve done this diet. I wonder if perhaps there’s something we’re missing, but I can’t get her to keep a food diary or measure food in any way (even rough estimates), so it’s hard to say what’s happening with her. I’ve tried not to worry and stress about it, but it is frustrating to never seen a definitive change.

I had to buy some pants last Thursday, and the loving dear went into the store and got some for me so I didn’t have to walk on my bad back. (She’s so awesome that way. Love you, darling!) Those pants fit better than the old ones I replaced, which, in theory, were done-in and stretched out after years of wear. So…uh, whuh?

Did I lose weight or not?

I’m very confused but would like to watch these things unfold carefully. If there’s a key to what’s happening with the fat/protein ratio (and if anything I’d be getting insufficient amounts of protein, not insufficient fat) I want to be able to spot it. The bad news is, I didn’t record what I ate yesterday so the calories are a mystery to me. Ah well. What can be done but correct going forward?

The goal of all this, of course, is to be able to stop thinking so much about what and how much I eat for the rest of my life. My combative relationship with food should end eventually, but for now, we rage on.


2 thoughts on “More Interesting Developments

  1. Have you two tried Weight Watchers? Not that I’m spamming for them intentionally, but that has worked really well for us. Instead of combating our food (and believe me, I’ve been there) you learn to manage it.

    Hi, Rick, and thank you for stopping by! Yes, my wife and I have tried Weight Watchers, Nutri-System, Fit for Life, Somersizing, and a plethora of other diets and eating methods. Nothing has worked for us except the Atkins methodology…or so we thought. Turns out now it’s not working as well as it did then, when we weren’t following instructions. But we do have faith we’ll be able to push through. 🙂

    And sometimes, weighing day to day is helpful, but sometimes not also. I’ve even gone to just looking at my weight every two weeks, as I get a more consistent reading that way. Keep up the good work, and good luck to you on your journey.

    Thank you very much, and God bless. 🙂

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