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Ready to QUIT

I’m not going to quit, of course, but I might have to give up on this ketogenic stuff. I really don’t know what’s going on and I’ve never been a patient man.

Monday night I went to be in moderate-to-large ketosis, and on Saturday I weight a full two pounds less than I’ve weighed for the last two weeks. (Two Saturdays ago, I dropped three pounds, but that vanished the next day.) Tuesday I got up and my ketosis level was in the trace-to-small range. The scale says I’ve gained two pounds. That puts me solidly back at square one, and ready to kill someone or something over this.

I’ve tracked my food and there aren’t any hidden carbs. I randomly sample my food with my food tracker and it shows consistently I’m in the 1600 to 2000 calorie range every day, and my percentages of fat/protein/carbs are 65-80/20-25/5-10. Those are almost ideal numbers for ketogenic dieting according to all the information I can find. And yet, nothing. I can’t get my weight to budge, and when I’m heavy in ketosis I’m becoming convinced this is simply showing dietary ketones in my urinalysis.

Whatever the deal is, I haven’t a clue how to fix it. I can’t eat any more. I simply can’t. I’m not that hungry and I’m not willing to eat when I’m satisfied just to hit some magic caloric number. I can add more fat, I guess, but when I’m already getting 65-80% of my calories that way, I’m not sure any more is going to help.

Another possibility is I’m not getting enough protein, but I can’t remove any more carbs, so if I just add protein something’s got to give and it seems like fat’s the only wiggle room I have. All the ketogenic diet sources I can find say that’s a mistake, but I’m running out of ideas. No, I have run out of ideas, and I’m starting to run out of want-to, too.

Yeesh. Frustration. And my concentration at work isn’t great either, so I’m concerned about that. *Sigh* What is going on?!


2 thoughts on “Ready to QUIT

  1. mysleepingdragon says:

    What is your fat sources? Have you tried virgin coconut oil? I feel better and lose weight better using coconut oil over olive oil. There’s tons of research out there on the stuff, while I don’t believe in snake oil type hypes, I did actually feel a difference using it. I don’t know if I can find any in Scotland, so I may lose the benefit of this great stuff when we move next month.

    So, our fat sources are indeed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for eating and dipping food in, LouAna brand Coconut oil for cooking in, and an organic refined coconut oil my wife uses topically to treat her skin. Yes, it is amazing stuff. However, for high-temp cooking, we use peanut oil and for salad dressing I use extra virgin olive oil when possible. And, if you have Internet access in the UK (I hope so, I’ll miss you if you vanish next month!), you can get coconut oil from

    I think of ketogenic as my nirvana place. This is where I feel my best and whenever I leave it, I gain weight and feel bloated and tired. What has really helped both my husband and I is changing our thinking by practically worshiping ”feeling good” over the numbers game entanglements that dieting produces. So if I feel so much better in ketosis, then something wonderful is happening in my body and I would want to be here whether I was actively trying to lose weight, or in maintenance. The fab thing about ketosis is that you cannot gain weight, you can only have a small fluid balance fluctuation. You can eat denser foods, more calories, feel more satisfied for a longer period of time than on any other type of diet. Plus the benefits of the normalization of blood sugar, well, why mess with anything else?

    Well…okay, this is also how I’ve tried to view ketogenic dieting. But it’s not working, and while I likely shouldn’t obsess over the numbers, I want results. It’s been about fifteen years since I successfully did this, and so many things have changed about me, I’m sure. Still, something should be happening, although Drs. Volek and Phinney have said it can take six weeks to become fully keto-adapted. I’m trying to be patient, but when I do find something that works, you can be sure I won’t stray from it. I did that once and paid the price.

    I believe, that it is just as important to work on the mindset as it is to find that nirvana in food selection. My husband and I agree, that should we never lose another pound, we would still eat what we do now. I like this place. I feel good. Doesn’t mean I don’t want to see the rest of the weight come off, but I refuse to go back to how I use to eat. I find comfort here.

    My husband continues to lose weight like nothing I have ever seen, I have stayed around 245 for a year. That part is my fault, I was under stress and allowed bingeing to come back in the door (don’t wake the sleeping dragon!). I continually alternated between high carb and low carb within a week’s time. That definitely messed with my body and added to my stress. No way I could lose weight that way. The more I got angry, the more resistant my body became. I am sure it was confused as heck. Right now, steady on is my mantra, eat small, eat real foods, let the body find it’s path. If I don’t lose weight this way, when we get settled down, I will change up the ratios.

    You have a good plan in place. I guess for me it’s back to the drawing board too, if this doesn’t have some results soon. I’m starting to wonder if SOME carbs are going to be necessary to lose weight, but for all the medical things I read on this form of dieting, that seems impossible.

    Perhaps if you let it be what it is, let up a bit on the numbers game (which drives me insane) and let your body do it’s thing in it’s own timing, you may start seeing a loss again. I feel as frustrated as you do, but rather than trying to see the logic of numbers, see the other benefits as well.

    I’m trying, but there’s no point in doing this if I’m not losing weight. That’s the reason I did it at all. If that’s not happening, what’s the point, you know? Still, I’m not giving up on it. Not yet. And if/when I do, it will still be for a low-carb lifestyle, just not a ketogenic one.

  2. Wow. What a great dialog between you two. You may have heard, the first time we convert to a ketogenic metabolism is nicknamed “the golden” time. It works most efficiently the first time around. Your body could be more resistant this time. Have you looked into HIIT? IF? Meat/Fat Fasts? (easily googled info, or you can check out my site All are HIGHLY effective. I rotate them, using one here and there to keep my body guessing.

    That sounds like a good idea (the rotation between fat-fasting and IF to keep the body off balance and guessing). HIIT is out for me — as is any exercise for now (doctor’s orders — back problem), but when I do lose enough to exercise, I’ll be doing stuff like P90X and Insanity to move things along. Great input, thanks Claudia!

    PLEASE don’t give up!! Use your body’s measurements once a week. I know it’s hard to hold out- not getting on the scale every day. You’re doing great! Your voice is so passionate, I know you will succeed!! Please reply here or on my site if you need anything or just want to talk.

    Aw, thanks Claudia! How sweet of you! I really appreciate it!

    You can do this!!!!

    You’re too sweet. You just earned a fan. 🙂 God bless you and thank you.

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