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More Interesting Findings

Well, more interesting stuff to tell here.

Last night, I went to bed VERY late (or early), completely by accident. Just before bed, my urinalysis strip metered somewhere between the last two LARGE measurements on the strip (the darkest, highest readings). Nice.

This morning, however, my strip measured TRACE – in fact, almost completely OUT of ketosis. WT…? I didn’t eat anything last night after bed, duh. So what the heck?

Well, I went back to bed and dreamed of clearing my sinuses (bad sinus days for two days running now, which means combating migraine threshold back, which may have an impact on the ketosis level), but eventually I had to go to the bathroom again. Just for giggles, I tested again, and found I was in the SMALL range – one level higher than just a couple of hours before! Huzzah!

So despite dropping so far in a brief sleep period (only about five hours), I could rest in bed (and no, I didn’t go back to sleep, just wanted to), and my body is going into ketosis all by its li’l ol’ lonesome. How awesome is that?

Claudia from has identified the first time we enter ketosis as our “golden time” – the time when the body achieves keto-adaptation the most easily. Every subsequent time it’s harder and we become more metabolically resistant. I certainly can attest to this – I’m having a much harder time getting into the fat-burning portion and showing signs of weight loss this time around, my third in the last 20 years.

But, this new development is encouraging. The additional ketones appearing in my urinalysis aren’t dietary, I can definitively say. That increase is metabolically generated, and it happened while at rest. (I have a very different view, ala Gary  Taubes, of how exercise impacts the weight loss cycle.) So for me, I can soldier on knowing something has changed with my body and I’m getting into ketosis and diving deeper even when I’m not trying to.

I’m sort of looking forward to researching how to replace some of the proteins in my meals with fats. This isn’t an easy thing to do, and a lot of low-carb places recommend limiting dairy, which I’ve viewed as a cheap-and-easy source of high-fat/low-protein calories (especially cream cheese). Hm. HM. What do to?

Bacon today! W00T!


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