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Mind Bending Games

I’ve had enough of this.

I stepped on the scale yesterday – outside of my usual time of about 5:45AM, naturally, being a weekend and all – and found I’d dropped about a pound and a half. Wow, really?! I didn’t expect that!

I actually expected gains of something like two pounds or so. The way weight changes over the course of a day, I figured not having my time set would mean a higher reading. The lower one was so encouraging!

I’ve also noticed some other, more distressing things. I’ve got some sort of outbreak of a rash-like thing. It starts out itching like crazy, and is a series of small reddish bumps in an isolated area. But I found when I rubbed coconut oil on it, the itching subsided almost right away. There’s no real change in the red bumpiness though. I figure it’s dry skin, which is a common thing I deal with even if it’s not always so clearly shown. I have one on my forehead too, just below my hairline on the right side.

Then I weighed in today hoping I’d have similar readings to yesterday. Nothin’ doin’. I got that pound and a half right back on the scale. Yeah, that figures. Why would anything good be happening?

Discussing this with my wife makes life easier, though. She’s shown me her patience and how to persevere, so I’m hanging in there. She feels we may be experiencing a phenomenon wherein our bodies are healing and dealing with things other than weight loss which need to be addressed. Rampant yeast infections for one. So there’s that.

Today I feel as if I’m having allergies or maybe a twinge of sore throat. I can’t get sick now, though. I can’t. I have so much to do at work, it’s not even funny, and I’m under a lot of pressure right now.

Then, to top it off, I decided to skip measuring ketosis first thing in the morning. I thought maybe the dilution was too great because of how full my bladder usually is, so I figured I’d hit the second one instead. Well, that turned out to be depressing as all get-out because that strip didn’t change at all. I thought, in a moment of hurling panic, I’d dropped out of ketosis. (I measured a few hours later and saw some activity, so probably not out, but very low.)

Still not sure what’s going on and have taken steps to add fat without jacking protein too high. I fried some cheddar cheese last night for a crispy high-fat snack, but there’s almost as much protein in cheese as there fat, so with what fat runs off, what’s left? Yeah, I guess I have no idea how to do this. I really don’t.

I had chicken salad made with five tablespoons of mayonnaise, two tablespoons of olive oil, and bacon bits added (I microwaved them for 25 seconds to loosen the fat, but don’t know whether too much rendered out). Delicious, but incredibly filling, and that’s a whopping 78g of fat in a single sitting. I don’t know about the protein, but I’m going out on a limb to say that it’s not even close. And yet…the Dreaded Beige again.


Oh well. I’ll keep on keepin’ on and hope for something good to happen soon.


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