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Oh, Please

Here we go again.

My weight’s up half a pound from two days ago, but DOWN a bit from yesterday, and my ketones? Well, I was in the dreaded beige today. I don’t know why. I’ve done nothing different except change salad dressings from my wife’s wonderful homemade ranch back to myGood Seasons, since we’re out of the homemade stuff. Holy cow, I can’t draw a bead on what’s happening and it’s absolutely driving me bonkers.

I’ve not tracked my food for a few weeks. Why bother? It doesn’t help me identify any areas of weakness, and since my beloved does all the cooking, I’m at her mercy where the macronutrient numbers are concerned. She doesn’t pay much attention to them though and I’m not really interested in rummaging through the garbage. When it comes to things like protein, I have to guess at the portions anyway, and I refuse to make her, along with all the other supportive things she does, start weighing our food.

To top everything else off, my skin is misbehaving too. Ruddiness, rough spots, bumps and irritation, itching…you name it, and throw acne in atop. Fun stuff to deal with.

I simply don’t care anymore. I may or may not be losing weight, and I may or may not have fallen out of ketosis. If I have, and I have to wade through the “Brain Fog” again while my body adapts (again), I may abandon this approach. I will, however, be able to emphatically state that ketogenic diets do not work for me if there’s not a change soon. That would be a bit like Edison’s joke that we have more than 700 ways not to make a light bulb (since he failed 700 or so times, reportedly).

Low-carb did work once, but maybe I’m too far gone for that. In that case, what’s next? I’ll try Paleo, I suppose — tons of people are successful with that and it’s a lot easier to find information on it than ketogenic dieting.

I’m running out of patience with KD and I’m running out of tomorrows to dream about being thin again.

I’m running out of wits, too.



One thought on “Oh, Please

  1. mysleepingdragon says:

    I guess I always thought of a ketogenic diet as just a feel good way to go and did not rely on it as weight loss method, although after being on high carb for awhile, it was always a good kick start. I can’t really offer any advice, I did paleo for a couple of years and while I firmly believe in all the principles, especially NeanderThin’s take, it again doesn’t provide a weight loss avenue in and by itself. I am jaded at this point, I just don’t think weight loss comes from following anything, not a prescribed diet, not a philosophy or a set of rules nor a confined number range.

    Interesting perspective. The ketogenic plan is one of the best weight-loss methods out there. The high-carb, low-fat diet plans are biologically incorrect (there’s lots and lots of data to support this now), so while I do “feel good” eating this way, the idea of not losing weight while I’m eating this way is hard to swallow. I just can’t find the reason behind it, which is more frustrating still!

    At my age (56) I honestly don’t know what it takes. I haven’t the stamina for intense exercise (nor the desire), I haven’t the stomach for counting another calorie or carb, but I also don’t have any desire to give up. A weird place to be sure. I want peace with it. I like eating the way I do, and my confines are the bowl and small plate which feels somehow just right. I feel more at peace knowing I have had enough and not too much without giving it much thought. But I can’t help but watch dear husband eat 3 and times more than I do and continue to shrink and think there’s no hope for me (which is silly, I know). All the bull about calories in and out are invalid in this household!

    I don’t seem to know what it takes either. I wonder if, for you, the wine you enjoy is impacting your weight loss. I also wonder if I’m not taking in enough calories, though I really can’t imagine trying to eat more. Just random stuff flowing through my head. 🙂

    One major difference though that I detect, is that he is still obsessed with eating and food and I do think he will bounce in weight again if the stress gets higher than it is now. He has been off working now for 8 months, and will be seeking a job once we get settled. I will be wondering how that will affect him when back in the job market, back to stress, back to social eating situations. I know I REALLY struggled in Hawaii from stress of separation and of chaos that I just couldn’t get use to. Now that kind of stress is gone, my weight stopped bouncing. Where are you with stress? Could it be a factor? There is a book, that made a huge difference in how I eat, it is called ONE BOWL, by Don Gerrard. It is a small simple book that brings one back in touch with eating and one’s body. I discovered that we tend to pay way too much attention to outside stuff to manage our weight when all along, the body has been telling us what it needs. I am still learning to listen.

    I certainly don’t want to think any more about food than I already do. I want to listen to my body, but I can’t seem to find that happy point of being able to lose weight and eat enough food and be content. Very strange. As for stress — I have plenty of it lately. I just wish I knew how to relieve it.

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