diet, weight loss

NOT a Happy Camper


All the weight I supposedly “lost?” Yeah, it’s all back.

I’m so frustrated I could spit. I’m about ready to do the Kekwick Fat Fast and see if THAT gets things going. Sheesh!

I’ve done all I can think to do at this point. My carb grams are lower than 25g per day most days, always lower than 35 even when not paying close attention. I can’t figure out why my face is breaking out. I can’t tell if I’m having candida issues or not. And I’m not dropping ANY weight for more than a couple of days, not to mention bouncing around in and out of ketosis.

I could just SPIT I’m so unhappy about things right now. Not to mention great stress at work, because I don’t know what’s going on. Could this get any worse?

Yes. If I gain any weight over the weekend I’ll be sure and give this up for good.



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