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Check THIS Out

Okay, so I regained all the weight I’d lost and I blogged about that last time, right?

Well, not so fast. Yesterday, I stepped on the scale and guess what?

I was down a pound and a half. That’s not a life-changing amount of weight, for sure, but it was the first time I’d seen a change in the right direction for a few days. I didn’t spend the time to get three sequential readings on the scale, but I did get the same reading twice in a row. I’ve been using the floor tiles to help me pinpoint placement of the scale on the ground to at least give me reliable readings if not accurate ones, but I’ve seen the numbers shift up to two pounds just by placing the scale in a different location. For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been careful in placement on the floor tiles to prevent drift and to give me a reliable figure. Sorta.

So, that’s good news, but I can’t say why it happened. My ketosis has been up and down, in and (almost) out. Today I’m at moderate upon waking, but yesterday I was pretty well at nothing or barely registering. Over the weekend I thought I’d dropped out. I’m not convinced what I’m measuring during the day isn’t dietary ketones versus metabolic ketones, but upon waking I feel more sure it’s metabolic.

On the other hand, who knows?

I’ve not given up, but I’m not seeing any significant results either. Next Monday will tell the tale, because I’m going to a once-a-week weigh in schedule. No more every day weighing for me. It’s just too discouraging. So once a week I’ll watch the numbers and track a bouncing ball, I suppose.

I’ve tried to back off how many urinalysis strips I use in a day too. I like to measure after every meal, but doggone it, not every time I have to go potty. I’m going through too many and all it does is make me worry.

I’ve got a lot of stress at work — compounded by doing things like this blog post when I shouldn’t be — and I wonder how big a factor that is.

*Sigh* Well, back to the grind of weight loss.


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