diet, weight loss

Holding Pattern

My ketosis level is holding at Moderate. My weight isn’t being checked daily anymore. I mean, who’s got time for that, right? Especially when you have to get the readings to align so you can trust them. So until tomorrow morning, or maybe even Monday, I’m not concerned about my weight.

I’ve not done much different than I was before for eating, but I found a way to cut back on carbohydrate intake just a hair. Those sneaky carbs — you never know. I have to find a way to bolster fat without bolstering protein though. Cheese, bacon, and coconut oil are fine, but bacon and cheese are protein-heavy, while coconut oil isn’t really delicious or anything. Yes, I can eat it, or more accurately drink it (after melting in the microwave), but that’s not much fun. I’d like to enjoy the food if I can.

Also, I’ve been learning lots about the Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio. Like, there is one. See? That’s lots. And they should be as close to 1:3 (n-3:n-6) as possible, and 1:1 if possible. So, the debate. Do we start onhorrible tasting fish-oil supplements, cut out most if not all liquid oils (well, I guess olive oil’s okay), and fry everything in coconut oil or lard or butter? Do we we change to grass-fed beef only? Do we do some combination of all the above?

I suspect we’ll do that latter. We simply can’t afford the price bump that comes with grass-fed beef, and we tried free-range chicken. (Ick.) Maybe it’s an acquired taste and texture. Or maybe not. I don’t know.

For now, I’d like things not to taste like fish too much when possible. I like fish fine, when I’m eating fish. (Salmon fillets last night, yum!) But seriously, how can I find ways to add fat, lower or at least control protein, and bolster fat without adding protein, or worse still, hideous horrible hateful carbs? (Avocados, anyone?)


Well, I’ll report back when and if I have something. For now, I’m still fat.


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