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Good or Bad? Or Neither?

Well, today I stepped on the scale again (and got two identical readings even after adjusting the scale’s position, making them more trustworthy), and I have good news and bad news about the result.

The Good News

I haven’t gained any weight; my reading is exactly as it was Monday morning.

The Bad News

I haven’t lost any weight; my reading is exactly as it was Monday morning.

Now, I don’t know how to classify this, but I’m still in ketosis, but not very deep. Also, I’m wondering about artificial sweeteners lately. Many, many studies on both sides of the fence are available which show they’re harmless, and do nothing for us except trigger our sweet-taste cells, then pass harmlessly through the body.

On the other hand, several other studies show they can trigger insulin response in our bodies just as real sweeteners do, depending on how our individual bodies perceive them. As metabolically resistant as I seem to be, my guess is the lower my intake of artificial sweeteners, the better. I’m almost ready to move to only one kind and see if that works, but I don’t think I can give up coffee and tea and go with nothing. Also, I drink a fair amount of Crystal Light, Hawaiian Punch, and other individual drink mixes in my bottled water. Those all contain artificial sweeteners, too, and I’m wondering if I just need to find a way to cut them down, Reducing them can’t be a bad thing, right?

In addition, I’ve been really wondering about those drink mixes. I love ’em, no doubt about it, and I’m not a fan of plain, ordinary water. Gimme some flavor, every time. But Crystal Light makes no bones about having a caloric count, even if none of them are listed under carbohydrates. And yet, I don’t enter these onto my tracking chart when I do food tracking. (I might start this again next month, and my loving wife even got us a food scale so I’ll have more precise numbers! Woo!)

So, can this be a blockade to weight loss I’d not considered? Last time I (successfully) did the Atkins program, I used their snack bars and shakes as breakfast and proteins (without consideration of fats) for other meals. (I did not, interestingly, notice any particular change in moods at the time.) But I’ve since had less and less success with the program, and when it last started to work for me (back in ’08), it did take some time to get going.

As an aside here, I didn’t realize the diet was working at all — and at a pretty high carb count, in recollection — until one day I was spatch-cocking a chicken at the kitchen sink when suddenly my pants started to fall off. I mean, suddenly. My wife, on the phone at the time, had to come over and pull them up for me because my hands were covered in chicken goo. But work it did — huzzah! I was hoping this latest round of effort would yield similar results, but no such luck so far. Ah, well.

Anyway, I’ve not gained or lost, and my ketosis level remains steady in the moderate range, tipping into the low “large” area and dropping into the upper “small” range after meals and overnight, respectively. So that’s steady, which is good. But I wonder if the hidden carbs built up from multiple servings of artificial sweetener are having more impact on me than I thought?

Things which make you go “hm.”


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