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Things About Which I Say “HM” …again

Well, curiouser and curiouser.

I step on the scale Mondays and Fridays now, and don’t bother retaining those numbers most of the time even though the scale’s capable. I only do it for my own peace of mind (ha!), not for a record of how I’m not losing weight.

Except, I might be. A little.

I got on the scale last Monday and saw a drop of two pounds. The following Friday, I saw that two pounds come right back on. Angered and discouraged, I railed to and with my patient wife, who joined in complaining and says her friend recommends we try something else just to shake our metabolisms out of their slumber. She’s contemplating adding some carbs back into our diets; I favor the ever-popular sweet potato for this purpose, since many in the Paleo Diet community hail this as both a “safe starch” and a “wonder starch”. However, many in the low-carb, high-fat community decry the term “safe starch” as an oxymoron, and we, those struggling to lose weight on ketogenic diets, are caught in the cross-fire not knowing what to believe.

But for now, we’re doing nothing. I expressed we should try the Kekwick Fat Fast before resorting to adding in carbs. The tantalizing thing about the carbs is something which both my wife and I observed some years ago.

We went to Denny’s for lunch on a day off I had in 2007, and I was doing low-carb at the time (well…what I thought was low-carb, anyway; turns out, I was doing it wrong). So, I ordered the huge Denny’s double-patty cheeseburger (it used to be like a Big Mac, with a piece of bun in the middle making it a “double-decker”, but they’d changed it shortly before so it was just a double cheeseburger, albeit large), as was my custom at the time. But I ordered a side of green beans instead of fries.

In a moment of weakness, I ate the burger with the bun. I shrugged and decided I’d start my diet again the following day rather than suffer the guilt of knowing I’d cheated and torturing myself about it. A couple hours later, back at home, I used a urinalysis strip and found I was in deep, heavy ketosis. After eating a LOAD of carbs, I was in ketosis far deeper than I’d been since I successfully used Atkins’ program in the late ‘90s.

I was floored, and so was my wife. We couldn’t understand it.

(Later, after reading the Atkins book again, we considered perhaps the phenomenon was due to my finding a “critical carbohydrate level for weight loss”, but after re-reading the book recently, we learned that term applies to the highest carbohydrate intake possible to still facilitate weight loss, not the level required for weight loss.

And yet, some respond better with higher carb counts than others. At the same time, I know too many people who suffer “brain fog” because they aren’t deep in ketosis enough to provide their brains with ketones to make glucose and are too low with carbohydrate counts to provide sufficient dietary glucose for use. With the nature of the job I have, I can’t have any brain fog. I simply can’t. It affects my performance so greatly I fear for losing my job. Additionally, I won’t run the risk of getting irritable and unstable emotionally, which I did back in 2007 and suffered for it.)

So that’s the story, and why she considered adding carbs back into our diet a bit. I have to watch to make sure she’s not doing that despite my protestations, but I don’t think she’d do that, and even if she did, she’d only do it for her. So I go on merrily low-carb/high-fat, and in ketosis.

Friday, however, I ate too much protein (I believe) and took myself almost completely out of ketosis. By Saturday midday, I was back in, but barely. Today, Sunday, I’m solidly in the moderate scale on my urinalysis strip container, and that’s where I’ve been for almost a solid week now, even upon waking (which is usually lower for me). The test strips for a glucometer are too expensive for me to go that route, but if the frustration continues I may have to get one. I just don’t know what else to check.

Next month, I’ll be more dedicated about tracking my food, but I’ll be plenty busy at work too, so who knows? I’m editing my novel as well, and have a full chapter to re-work, and that’ll take time. But I have to lose weight.

Which brings me back to the original point of this post. From which I clearly drifted.

When I stepped on the scale this morning, I got wild readings anywhere from 2 pounds lighter to half a pound heavier. And the heavier reading must be taken with a grain of salt, because I weighed myself much later in the day than I normally do (about 6AM, give or take, normally; about 9:30A or so on Sunday).

So, interesting things to watch. Frustration remains high, but we’re not giving up hope. We may have to change our tack slightly, but we’re not giving up. (If I abandon ketogenic, I’m going Paleo, no two ways about it.)


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