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Feeling Good

Well, I haven’t got any Earth-shattering news to report today, but I can say the ketogenic diet has me feeling pretty good.

I have a bit more energy during the day. I seem to be able to handle stress better, for some reason. I can go through my work day with a single meal and a snack before dinner. I don’t know if I’m getting enough calories or not, but I feel doggone good. So good, a drop of only .2lbs this past weigh-in didn’t bother me.

My spouse bought berries for us on Monday, and wow! were they EVER good! Delicious, and not at all high in carbs! Later that night, when I measured for ketosis levels – and the next day too – I was in deep! It either didn’t affect me at all (because I’d been getting deeper in for several days) or it made it better somehow. I can’t say which, and won’t try. All I know is I really like what we have happening right now. If we can just get the weight loss started, things would be perfect.

In the meantime, I’m really excited about dinner tonight. Steak! Woo!

Nothing really major to report other than I feel great and have started eating my loving wife’s awesome homemade ranch dressing on my salads. A great change from the Good Seasons, and good with so much more than just salad. Oh, and my back seems a little better too. Sleep…well, I can’t say on sleep yet. We’ll have to see.

Still, I’m excited, and if I don’t lose weight at least I can be jolly and fat, right?


One thought on “Feeling Good

  1. mysleepingdragon says:

    I swore that even if I never lost another pound, feeling GOOD was the way to go. And funny how truly feeling good has nothing to do with all the junk foods I thought was making me happy, but it came from eating less through ketosis and how that whole body process really makes the body sing. Life is good!

    It certainly can be good, can’t it? I’m glad to know you’re doing better than you were. I hope things go well for you now that you’re settled back in the UK. 🙂

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