diet, weight loss

More Frustration and Bouncing

Well…down again, up again. Right back where I started today. I’m so unsure what’s going on now I’m not even going to hazard a guess.

Something I can say with some certainty is, it can’t be carb-related weight gain. I don’t have any carbs in my diet aside from residual carbs from my drink mixes, my salads and whatever comes in my coffee from the sweeteners. I’m in ketosis, and fairly deep. When I did fall out on Saturday, I noted it never went below a certain level, though that level was indeed low. I was still in though. So my day-to-day carb intake doesn’t impact that.

Now the question becomes, is this metabolic ketosis I’m seeing, or is it dietary? In other words, am I just seeing the ketones left over from all the fat I consume daily, or are they ketones released from my body? If so, why am I not losing weight, and what can I do to start losing weight?

I guess the dreaded Kekwick fat fast is next. I don’t know anything else to try. I can stop consuming so many drink mixes, too, and see if that helps. I just don’t like the idea. I hate the thought of drinking plain ol’ water, alone. Ick.

Ah, well. I’ll figure something out. Meantime, I still feel really good. And that’s quite something.


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