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Stagnation and Uncertainty

Well, my weight hasn’t moved. Hasn’t budged for weeks, months maybe. I don’t know why my body is so stubbornly holding onto the fat, but doggone, it’s beyond annoying and frustrating now. It’s downright infuriating.

I can’t just give up on the ketogenic diet, though. Despite the lack of evidence it works, I just can’t seem to make myself stop hoping and hanging on. After all, it’s worked for millions of people for 150 years, it’s settled and sound science, and I can’t tolerate the emotionalism and brain fog of going back and forth, adding more carbs in just to lower them again, etc. No, I’m afraid this lifestyle change is likely forever.

But dangnabit, having that number frozen on the scale is maddening!

Ah well, I suppose keeping at it is the best course for now, though Kekwick still beckons, for better or worse.

I need a new car too. *Sigh* Instead I have new contacts, and they take some getting used to, but I’ll make the effort so I can have the hope of better things. I guess this diet is much the same – more about hope than results right now.


One thought on “Stagnation and Uncertainty

  1. mysleepingdragon says:

    If you like where you are at with eating, what about changing something else? Walking? Lowering the calories a bit? I know the science is there, but I cannot lose weight unless the calories are also down. Down far more than I would like them to be, but it seems I cannot get around it, even at ketogenic levels. Perhaps a nutritional software would really help you pinpoint what it takes. Most run about $30 and is worth the small investment. Use a food weight scale (much easier than measuring in cups and spoons).

    There are a few things I can change, for sure. The problem is, most ketogenic proponents don’t advocate lowering caloric intakes. Most, in fact, encourage higher calories. Then again, no two gurus say exactly the same thing about any diet, so I’m not sure what to believe…or whom.

    The one thing I’m seriously confused about is my ketosis level. I’m not sure what it’s measuring. It may be dietary ketones or it might be metabolic ketones. And I could seriously adjust how many prepared drink mixes I have each day and go to plain water. I could also lower my intake of artificial sweeteners even more with what I put in coffee or tea.

    I know there are things I can do, I just don’t know if I feel like doing any more to try and lose this stubborn weight. I’m sick of thinking about it, honestly, and yet, this is all I think about. 😦

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