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Awesome News!

Well! After months of not seeing the scale move much if at all, or inching down so slowly I’ve forgotten the progress, today I stepped on the scale and had a pleasant surprise!

The middle digit on my weight number finally rolled down!

That’s right, I’ve lost enough weight — finally! — that the middle number on my weight is one digit lower!

Now, that’s not huge. it’s significant to me, because of how lousy the progress has been to now, but I almost jumped for joy! How happy I was to see a smaller number on that scale for the first time in so, so long.

Although, to be fair, I was down a pound last Monday too (I think I noted it, but didn’t look before writing this post). So today’s number only represents another pound lower. Still, two pounds in two weeks is significantly better than the two pounds in almost four MONTHS which came before! Of course, at this progress, it would take me about 130 weeks to reach goal weight. But that’s not as bad as the numbers not moving at all.

Thank you Lord, and thanks to all who came by and supported me during the slow period. I don’t know if anything will be different from now on, but I can hope, right?



One thought on “Awesome News!

  1. mysleepingdragon says:

    Hip hip HOORAY!!!!! Congrats and well done! Keep that hope alive and thriving!

    Thank you so much! I’m very excited and will definitely keep striving! Thanks for the encouragement too!

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