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Down Again!

Well, the good news continues! I’ve lost another half-pound since Monday, giving me a total loss of a pound (just a hair over, I think) for the week!

Of course, the official weigh-in is Monday, so I’ll have to see then where the numbers fall, but right now, I’m still moving down the scale and not stagnant! This is good — sorta. It’s slow, but it’s better than not moving at all.

My wife, however, has reached her limit of patience and willingness to wait for the “kick-in” to start. Hard to blame her. In four months of trying this, she’s not lost any significant weight, and her skin infection has gone from getting better to worse and back to “meh”. She’s figured some things out for herself and wants to take a new tack on the approach.

She believes her infection keeps raging because she’s still getting sugar. Not because she’s eating starches, carbohydrates, or processed wheat and foods, but because she’s eating too much protein. She believes gluconeogenesis is the culprit and is sabotaging her diligent and hard-fought efforts on this ketogenic program.

She’s got good evidence. The facial outbreaks are one indication. She’s hungry a lot too, which is an indication something is out of order on a ketogenic diet.  By all measures, we should be less hungry, not more so. We should be more satisfied, not starving and fighting off our growling stomachs for hours on end.

She also keeps dropping low into, or completely out of, ketosis, and recently found out a urinalysis strip doesn’t tell the ketotic tale as well as we thought. A blood ketosis meter would work better, but they’re very expensive. So at this point, my suspicion that we aren’t measuring metabolic ketosis at all with our urinalysis strips was also correct. We’re measuring dietary ketosis — ketones from ingested fats, rather than those released from adipose tissue.

These all indicate we’re not ketotic. At least, not to the degree we thought . I don’t believe a paleolithic diet would produce better weight loss results. We’re clearly insulin resistant, metabolically resistant, and need to address those things foremost. I believe a Paleo-style diet will be a wonderful maintenance lifestyle, but don’t believe it will get us where we want to be in terms of weight loss. We’re committed to the ketogenic plan and we know it works; until we lose the weight we want, we’re going to be on it.

But we’ve obviously done some things wrong and need to adjust. I’m hesitant to alter what I’m doing because it’s just now starting to work, so I’m probably going to wait and see what happens with her as she lowers her protein intake and increases her fat intake. If she starts throwing weight off rapidly, you can bet your sweet buns I’ll try it too.

It’s very exciting to see her so determined — almost angry — and searching for new ways to adjust her approach to the lifestyle. The easy part is lowering protein. We simply measure what we have and assume 7g of protein per ounce of meat and track other sources, and voila! — we can control protein intake. But, she’s looking for ways to increase fat. That’s not as easy to do, and she’s already eating butter with every meal and snacking on pork rinds and cheese. We’re honestly not sure what else we can do short of drinking olive oil and melted coconut oil. What other sources of fat come without additional proteins or carbs?

So, that’s what’s happening. Slow, slow, steady weight loss for me, and a new attitude about things for her. Can’t wait to see how this all shakes out.


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