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Scary Endeavors!

Well, I was down to UNDER 267 this morning! That’s a total of about 10lbs lost since going ketogenic in February of this year (2012, if you’re somehow unaware).

But, my wife is going to go for nutritional ketosis. This is defined as blood ketone levels of 1.0 mmol/L or above. Despite the satisfactory results of our urinalysis testing, we’re convinced we aren’t getting the full story with ketosis urinalysis strips. Time to step up our game and drop into ketosis in a more serious way.

This requires dropping protein levels, to actually conform better to a ketogenic diet. We’re way over our protein allotment. My spouse believes this is why she continues to have issues with her facial infection (she’s sure it’s yeast), and why she’s hungry all the time, even within just a few hours of eating an otherwise ketogenic meal. She’s added fat to almost every meal, but realized something when she read the results from Jimmy Moore’s Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb blog. She found out his recent (year or more?) struggles with weight loss came CRASHING to a halt when he just lowered the intake of protein he was allowing himself.

In fact, he did it for 30 days as an experiment and lost twenty (20) pounds(!). Because my wife’s suspicions about gluconeogenesis (again, if you don’t know, the process by which the liver manufactures glucose for the brain from protein), she feels sure this is the reason we’re not losing weight.

The problem for me, of course, is I am losing weight. Just now. Just starting.

I’m willing to try her new approach because the results aren’t staggering. But I’ve wondered whether the process is going to accelerate and weight will come off more easily now that I’ve addressed things like yeast, insulin resistance, etc.

It’s a scary decision. What I’m doing now is just beginning to work. If I switch, there’s a definite chance of losing more weight more rapidly, but what if I’m not in the same situation as my wife and it actually sets me back?

We’re shooting for 80-85% of caloric intake from fat. Only 10-15% from protein, and less than 5% from carbs. The tricky part is getting enough fat without adding too much protein. We’ve determined what our upper limit on protein should be and we’re working to get down to that. Up to now, we haven’t restricted protein intake because we didn’t see how we could make up for it with fat. We still aren’t sure.

But we’ve discovered some new, yummy snacks and tried them, and we’re going to try ketogenic “chips” and guacamole soon. So there’s that. But I’m going to miss meat! Since very ounce of meat has 7g of protein, it piles up a lot sooner than you might expect. We’re going to shoot for our protein requirements for a point between where we are and our ideal weight, and slide down as we approach goal. (IF we approach goal!)

So wish us luck. This is nerve-wracking for me. If it doesn’t work, am I going to have to start all over with the brain-fog and the stagnant weight and all the rest? Or will this work? Jimmy says he has no hunger; in fact he has to be reminded to eat sometimes. He also says he feels better than he has in years. This is, by all indications, a true keto-adaptive state. And we want that for sure.

Here we go!


One thought on “Scary Endeavors!

  1. mysleepingdragon says:

    I have entered your figures in my nutritional program, at 5% carbs, 15% protein and 71% fat, leaving myself a leeway of wine at 9%, but I am much less than that (I think, lol). Anyways, for my needs which is 1100 calories that comes to 13.8g carbs, 41.3g protein and 86.8g fat. I will try it along with you and see what happens. I usually keep around 10% carbs, but I don’t mind being lower. It’s just a pain because I love sausages and pate, which both have 1-2 carbs from fillers. But I am willing to try.

    I love sausages too. Especially bratwurst and Italian sausage. Breakfast sausage, too. I understand how hard it is to keep the carb count from creeping. For us, the hardest part is going to be holding protein down while increasing fat! I have NO idea how to get more in without simply EATING coconut oil (which I do with dinner almost daily!) or drinking olive oil (ick!) Good luck! You can do it! You’ve been my encouragement and I hope I can offer you the same now!

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