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Things Which Make Me Go “Hm”… Or “WTH?”

So, my wife and I made some guacamole on Saturday (or was it Sunday?), and I made the chips from microwaved cheese. My wife picked up some Mexican four-cheese blend, and we had some taco blend left over from a couple of weeks ago. Both were shredded in convenient bags. I made us each two 2oz patties, which we broke into chips for dipping.

DELICIOUS! I used too many Serrano peppers, though, so it was a bit too spicy for my love, but I loved it. And it needed a touch more cilantro, too. I also thought something was missing, and maybe it was, as my wife pointed out, the red pepper we didn’t add (we didn’t have one on hand).

Nevertheless, delicious. But, this put us in the hole on both carbs (avocados, while high in saturated fat, are also high in carbs), and with the tomatoes and the touch of sour cream, it was probably more than we needed. It left us very full, and with dinner, I think it put us beyond our daily allotment for protein (the cheese, mostly).

Still, it was an indulgence, and we loved it. That night, and into the next morning, however, I registered very low ketosis levels. Not that this is an accurate measure of our actual ketosis, as determined earlier, but it shows there was an impact on us. On the other hand, eating too much protein, so long as I also ate sufficient fat, showed higher levels of ketosis on the urinalysis strips anyway. So I really should abandon using them for a while. The scale would be a better measure at this point.

Speaking of which, when I weighed in on Monday morning, I couldn’t get three readings to line up. WTH? I finally had to give up when I tried for a fifth time and it still didn’t align with three different measures. Not sure what happened, but the numbers were all higher than I’d been for a week or so. Therefore, like any good dieter obsessed with weight, I chose to ignore the scale for that day. I didn’t record it.

Today, however, the scale shows me a number I thought was lower than I’d been before, but tells me that’s not a loss compared to my last recorded weight. WTH?! What’s the matter with this stupid thing?!

Ah, well. I’m going to ignore the scale for the moment, and weigh in again on Friday as planned. We dropped our protein even more yesterday by eating baby back ribs. My wife has an amazing braising technique and they literally fall off the bone. We each had our servings (8oz for her, 9oz for me), but afterward we weighed the bones and found we each had 3oz of bones left after picking them clean. So we cut our protein intake without trying. I ate all my cream cheese, but none of my salad, so my carb intake was down too. And I added mayonnaise and a touch of barbecue sauce in a mixture for dipping. Again, carbs in the sauce, but not too many. Very low day overall.

So, down nothing, but the number looked smaller to me. I guess Friday will tell the tale. If the weight loss has stagnated, I can’t see the advantage of the lower protein intake. Not for me, at least. My wife maintains she’s dropping weight though, so she’ll likely continue this way. We’re supposed to give this three weeks to a month, per our agreement, and then see where we are. I have to say, I don’t seem to be able to go as long in the morning without food, but as long as the weight keeps dropping, I’m happy.

Friday will tell the tale, I guess!


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