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Okay, so this is why I don’t weigh myself everyday anymore.

I stepped on the scale yesterday and noticed a slight increase. Something more than a pound. Of course, that’s not a big deal, weight can fluctuate as much as 4lbs in a single day, some sources say. But today, I got on the scale again just as a comparator and found I’d gone up even more! Something like 3lbs since my last weigh-in on Monday!


I can’t figure it out. I’ve done nothing different than I did before. I eat loads of fat with dinner, limit my protein to about 75g per day, and never increase carbohydrate intake, so why the dickens would my weigh be going up?! It’s mind-boggling!

I can’t see this having anything to do with the weekend indulgence with guacamole and cheese chips. The protein would be high, but I wasn’t knocked out of ketosis. The level lowered, to be sure, but I wasn’t ever out. And today my ketosis level measured in the upper MODERATE/lower LARGE range (it was a nice, deep purple somewhere between those two markers).

Of course, that’s urinalysis ketosis, which we’ve discovered isn’t a very accurate measure of metabolic ketosis (or nutritional ketosis), since it’s most likely going to increase with dietary fat increases. So. What do I do about this?

I could understand a plateau for a bit. That would make sense. But an increase? That idea is incomprehensible. And not one increase, but two days running. I’m beside myself. I’ve changed nothing about how I eat, why would my weight go up?

I’m having stomach problems too, which is strange. I wondered if something I ate disagreed with me and has left me a little sick. I guess time will show.


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