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Down We Go!

Well, I’m not sure what the success comes from, exactly. I mean, I have an idea, but I can’t be sure.

I started losing weight right before my wife decided to shoot for a more strict ketogenic approach. She’s made it, by the way — we’re hitting that 80% fat range pretty consistently now. We’re fairly comfortable with the notion of our urinalysis strips not showing us metabolic or nutritional ketosis, but dietary ketones instead. So without buying the very expensive strips to test for blood ketones, we can only guess really.

My wife introduced me to, which allows us to enter a broad range of foods and drinks to track our macro-nutrients, which is all we’re really interested in right now. Every time I do it, I’m in that proper ketotic range, and the scale seems to reflect the change. I did have a minor bounce last week around mid-week, but can’t say why and my numbers have come down since then.

Today I’m under 265lbs. That means I’ve lost about 10lbs since February, and while that’s not a tremendous amount of weight in that amount of time, I stayed static for a long (frustrating) time. My numbers started to drop, finally, in early June. But they’re moving with some real progress now. I can’t wait to see how this pans out in the fatsecret diet calendar, which shows me a line chart of my weight.

The only issue I’m having is hunger. I’m starving. I want so much to devour meat and cheese and good treats like Salami and Pepperoni and my beloved bratwurst. But all I can do is stick to the plan, and try to figure out other ways to quell the hunger. I could, I suppose, drink coconut oil, but that’s less convenient at work. Besides, I’m concerned about carrying it with me in case it leaks all over my computer. We’re having horribly hot weather and CO melts at 76F.

My wife experienced ravenous hunger with grumpiness and pangs before we went ketogenic hard-core. I’m confused why it works the other way for me. I also wonder how high I can venture with protein before I hit gluconeogenesis. I don’t want to experiment — I’d rather see consistent weight loss and deal with hunger another way — but it’s interesting to note how we’re affected differently by the new protein restrictions.

On the other hand, I could be experiencing increased metabolic activity which is driving the hunger. I’m not exercising yet — my back won’t permit that yet and I’ve a long, long way to go before I’ve lost enough weight for working out — so it’s not a change in my activity level. I don’t really have any other explanation but I can’t cave in to my body’s desire for food. At least, not the way I used to. A couple of brats back in our unrestricted protein days would’ve done the trick, but now? I dunno.

And while adding fat sounds easy, it’s not. We also have to keep in mind the Omega-6 and Omega-3 ratio. We take fish oil supplements to help with the balance, but we can’t go over the top with things like mayo, and vegetable oil is a no-no. So. Lard, CO, olive oil, butter and cream cheese (watch the protein, though!) are about all we’ve got. Yay.

Oh well. It’s happening, and I’m excited. It’s a struggle now to keep from weighing myself every day! Huzzah!


One thought on “Down We Go!

  1. the potato wife says:

    My admiration continues to grow. It is so exciting watching someone do as they intend and do it so well. You may well have hit that right combination for your body’s needs. Yowzers, I am gobsmacked as they say here.

    Well, thanks! We’re really struggling lately. It’s so hard to find fats which are worth eating and won’t push my protein count too high. Without being able to measure my blood ketones, I can’t say whether or not going over (I went over 100g of protein yesterday!) is triggering gluconeogenesis, or whether my numbers aren’t sufficient for that. I do know, however, when I ate protein AND fat unabated, my weight loss was slow. This seems, at least for the time being, to have picked it up a bit.

    I’ve always liked “gobsmacked” as a word, too. 🙂

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