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Punishment for Drift

I don’t know what’s happening to me, but my face is sliding off like pizza from a glass top table.

I think I’m seeing gluconeogenesis in action. My face is breaking out as a direct result of the modifications to my protein intake. Now when I go over my protein too far, I get zits just like I’d eaten cake, pie or chocolate. Not good.

I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up, either. Today, for instance, I had a pretty meager lunch. Two brats, 4oz of cream cheese, 2oz of cheddar, and two rashers of thick-cut bacon. I ended up with about 60g of protein from all of that, and it’s not enough to stave off hunger all day. So I end up ravenous at home, and the only thing which fully slakes my hunger is protein/fats. I can’t eat much more protein, though, and I’m trying to figure out how I’m supposed to make a meal out of eating butter and drinking olive oil.

I’m a bit flustered. The joy of ketogenic dieting is supposed to be how FREEING it is, not how RESTRICTIVE. Now I can’t eat. I don’t know if I’m going to cause myself to go into brain fog again (which I simply can’t afford with my job), or if my weight loss will stop, or what. I had another little bounce earlier in the week, and didn’t weigh myself today, so Monday’s weigh in is going to be critical to me. Am I up, down or the same? If up or the same, I have to believe something’s not right.

And I’m at wit’s END trying to figure out how to get enough fat so I’m not hungry all the time. While smaller amounts of food seem okay, I need a LOT of them to get through the day. And that leaves me nothing for dinner, where we generally have — you guessed it — a TON of protein. (Okay, not a ton, but the bulk of daily intake.)

I guess dieting is frustrating no matter what. I have no idea if I’m getting enough protein, too much protein, not enough…but I think the plan works. I saw my weight coming down. Now I have to sustain it, and figure out what I can do to address hunger.



One thought on “Punishment for Drift

  1. the potato wife says:

    When I work with numbers (counting whatever) in a diet, I eventually go bonkers because I am expecting results like a scientist would. It never adds up to anything logical to me, most likely because I am focusing so hard on just one or two numbers. I miss the whole picture, which a true scientist would be open to observe.

    Eating shouldn’t be filled with frustration and unhappiness, nor math formulas. I am in the state I am today because I have WASTED most of my adult life counting and weighing and measuring only to give up in fits of anger and binge. A horrible and vicious cycle that eats away at you over the years.

    I know you are aiming for a specific goal in a specific way, but I hate to see you so frustrated. I agree about seeing a physical reaction as I can see how incredibly reactive my body can be when I eat foods that are not suitable, it is definitely a warning that needs to be heeded. There is a lot of irony in the body’s defense mechanisms, if you become overly restrictive with food, it then sees the re-introduced food as an invader. I watched this become a common complaint in the low carb forums over the years. Might want to take a peak at the realm of food intolerance and allergies as a cause of your skin eruptions.

    As for fat intake, it doesn’t make logical sense that one would start to drink oil. I am just not convinced that our ancestors did much more than eat the whole animal and getting all the fat they needed without going about and pressing vegetation for more oils. So increasing intake of fatty meats and fish makes sense to me, but not overly gorging on vegetable oils. How about making your own sausages with plenty of tallow?

    We don’t have space or facilities (or faculties!) to make our own sausages, but that sounds divine. 🙂

    You did so well in the weight loss this past month, I am sure you are on the verge of finding what works for you, but I sure would like to see you enjoy the process, the whole journey along the way. It should be an adventure, not a torturous labyrinth. Fingers crossed for you that the skin clears soon.

    Thank you, so much. I’m only frustrated because I try so hard and then something like this sets me back. I have, in the recent past, done “shots” of melted coconut oil. I was jesting about the olive oil, and my wife and I don’t use vegetable oil anymore due to the considerations of the Omega-3/Omega-6 ratios, but we do use coconut oil (the most wonderful fat), olive oil (a close second), and lard (more rarely). Still, finding ways to substitute fat for protein isn’t as easy as substituting protein for carbs. It’s yet another mental shift, but once we get it, we’ll be fine. I do think, though, I’ll have to invest in a blood ketone measuring device (it also does BG measurements), but the strips are HORRIBLY expensive. The urinalysis strips aren’t giving us accurate information, though.

    Thank you for the encouragement. I’ll be fine, i’m sure, and my face is already clearing up as I lower my protein intake. Also, I think I’m down a little more again, so there’s that. 🙂

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