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Back on Track…?

Maybe I’m back on track. Maybe.

I can see my face clearing up. As a result of the increased washing (twice a day now), or because of the zit medication I’ve been applying, but it’s clearing up. Still, I’d like to know whether I’ve corrected my diet or not.

Around the same time as the outbreak, I had a couple of days where my protein went nuts (more than 110g per day). I don’t know why I lost sight of it so far, but I certainly did. I think — but do not now and probably never will know — gluconeogenesis kicked in hard and it was like I’d eaten pounds of sugar. My face responds in kind with acne.

Now, that being said, it begs the question: Why didn’t my body ever react this way to protein before?

The answer might be, maybe it did. Maybe I didn’t overload on protein quite so much before, either, and maybe the addition of fat as I tried to lower my protein has caused my body to become more sensitive to the protein. That is, my body used the protein in the past to generate glucose and burn it (no brain fog), but when I provide sufficient amounts of fat to forego the need for glucose to be burned, the excess protein is turned to glucose which now isn’t being burned and my body has an insulin response, where it didn’t before.

Or something.

Of course, I can’t know this stuff, but I’ll continue to monitor my proteins the best I can. I generally use 7g per ounce of meat as my guide, and with thick cut bacon it’s about 5g per cooked slice, so I can keep an eye on it that way.

The tricky part is dividing the 75g I’m allowed for the day over the course of the full day. And jumping to 100g doesn’t seem to be an option if I’m going to suffer physical ramifications like this. I can’t IMAGINE getting any LOWER with protein, so I might permit myself up to about 80g and see what happens.

Keeping in mind weight loss is the primary goal right now.

Speaking of weight loss (did you like my segue?), I’m down to about 263.4. It took me five measurements to get that reading three times, but I discounted the others because they came far from one another (one was the first reading, another was the fourth), and weren’t the same number each time. I don’t know why the scale has such a hard time getting the number right, but I didn’t move it at all on the floor this time, so how did it get three numbers? Time will show; my official weigh-in is Monday morning. Today’s just a marker.

Anyway, we had a nice Independence Day holiday; I got both Wednesday and Thursday off, but had to work yesterday. No big deal, but next week marks the beginning of the looooooooonnnng run to Labor Day.


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