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Still Losing

I’m down to 262.6 today, another half-pound since my last weight check on Friday (I think). That’s good. I don’t know how much I’ve lost over the course of the week though. I should be keeping better track of it if I’m going to monitor my progress.

The hunger isn’t as severe as it was, but I still wonder if a bit more protein would be okay. Last time I had too much my face erupted in a boiling mass of acne. Ugh. I’m still struggling with it, but it’s abating. As I type this, I’m pretty hungry though, and I have to check my lunch to see what I’ve got available. Watching one’s protein intake is pretty amazing. And hard to do!

But the weight continues to drop. I had about six ounces of chicken with two cups of salad greens last night for dinner. The meat was topped with 4oz of cream cheese and perhaps 4tbsp of butter. (I can’t recall now, darn it.) But the salad was topped with my wife’s wonderful homemade Ranch dressing, which is LOADED with good fats and not much protein at all. I don’t have an accurate measure on that, either. I need to put into our diet tracker on FatSecret so I can use it.

So other than being a bit hungry when I wake up, I’m feeling fine. I like the weight loss, don’t feel there’s any brain fog I can identify, and I’m not worried about being in ketosis. I think the weight loss speaks for itself pretty well.

I’m a bit flustered on my wife’s behalf though, and the hunger is vexing. Most people say ketotic states alleviate hunger. I’m not finding that, at least not to my satisfaction. I’d like to find the solution to that, and get some fat-only foods incorporated to our menus so we can relieve it when it’s there.

I’m open to suggestions, but I’m also going to get a ketogenic cookbook or two. Just in case. They must have something in them we can use.


One thought on “Still Losing

  1. the potato wife says:

    Yay for another drop! I think it is a GOOD thing to be hungry! Hunger is a clear signal from the body that all is working well enough to let you know loud and clear what it needs! Constant hunger though may be a different kind of body talk. Smaller, more frequent meals for awhile? Or how about making those wonderful coconut oil cubes? You can put just about anything in them, cocoa powder, ground or chopped nuts and chill. A cube or two hits the spot. If you can get tallow, there is pemmican too, which can be adjusted to the ratio’s you are seeking. Real pemmican is not jerky, it is high tallow fat and a few bits of meat and berries. Just a little bit knocks hunger out. I wish I could find these things here, but there isn’t anything of the sort. I found goose and pork fat to cook with but no coconut oil. Anyways, another thing I use to do was a spoonful of coconut oil in hot tea or coffee. Weird at first, I soon grew to like it. Goes down easier with a hot beverage.

    Wow, pemmican sounds great! I don’t know where we can get tallow, though. We don’t exactly live in a high-brow area. I would think you could get tallow from the butcher shop where you get your meat. Did you ask? (I thought you mentioned a butcher. Maybe not.) I’m going to see if our shopping delivery service has it; I’m positive I can’t get it from our grocery store and there aren’t any local butchers to seek out. (It wouldn’t be economical for me to travel to one.) I guess online is the next best thing. I’m going to have to find out what I can use in those coconut oil cubes! They sound awesome! THANKS!

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