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Not Much to Report

I don’t have too much to say right now. I’ve not been keeping very good track of my food intake, but when I checked my weight on Friday, I was up about a pound and a half from the last weigh-in on Monday. Which really, really ticks me off.

I haven’t cheated even ONCE on this thing. I might have gone over my protein limits, but I am simply not able to tell where I should be with that level. If I use ideal body weight divided by two for the number of grams, I seem to lose weight all right, albeit not quickly, but I’m hungry – VERY hungry. If I do current weight multiplied by .36 (don’t know who recommended that one), I get almost 100g of protein a day and when I did that before, I didn’t lose ANY weight. Or it was so ridiculously slow it was almost imperceptible.

But – and this is HUGE – I didn’t have brain-fog at all. Right now, I feel like I can’t concentrate or make heads or tails of my work programming. Granted, someone else did the initial programming and I have to decipher the code myself, but still. I’m genuinely worried here.

And frustrated. I simply don’t know how I gained weight.

But I’m not giving up. Instead, I want to figure out what’s happening to me. I’m considering again the Kekwick Fat Fast, but I get soooo hungry now, I’m not sure how I could survive on just 1000 calories a day, almost all of it from cream cheese. I can’t get there mentally yet. Not yet.

Also, I understand Michael and Mary Dan Eades’s book call The 6-Week Cure has protein shake recipes which cause significant weight loss, and especially visceral fat around the liver and internal organs. I’m interested in seeing how that might work, but don’t know how I would deal with the belly-knotting hunger I experience now.

I’m angry about gaining the weight. I’ve not cheated, at all. Dr. Phinney maintains a cheat means six weeks of penalty for ketosis. I can’t deal with that. I’ve struggled and watched my weight crawl down. Now I bounce UP again?! WTH?!



One thought on “Not Much to Report

  1. the potato wife says:

    I am not too up on the information about the effects of excess protein intake and ketosis, because I get ruffled reading how research proves one theory and soon discounts it. Back in the 1990’s paleo was really interesting and I loved reading about it all and was a part of a group that really got down to it. Those involved, discussed, share experiences, did comparisons. Very little research was available at the time. I followed NeanderThin, which I felt was one of the best books at the time. Then L. Cordain, who was practically worshiped in the paleo group came out with The Paleo Diet and decided to go with what would be most acceptable to people who could care less about the truth behind paleo and he allowed foods not considered paleo at all. He altered the diet to ensure successful publishing. Today, Primal is even worse. Primal is hood winking as far as I am concerned and so much information out there on the net is being hoarded and re-written to confirm someone’s agenda.

    You know, I didn’t know that about Cordain. I know there are a LOT of different schools of thought on paleolithic dietary approaches, so that’s good to know.

    The same with ketosis. What Atkins claimed and what is claimed now seem to be basically the same, only now it has gone into a realm almost impossible to follow, let alone achieve. Blood readings of ketones? Are we all to become scientists and lab rats at the same time? The tighter we grasp these new concepts as truths, the sooner we lose grip on what we are trying to do. In essence, the more we follow the leaders, the less we pay attention to our own instincts. I periodically gleen the currently low carb leader’s information, but more and more I am relying on my own intuition.

    Well, Dr. Atkins didn’t have at his disposal the technology we do know. Drs. Volek and Phinney are disciples of Dr. Atkins, and have continued his work. They’re not like the Drs. Eades, who have a different approach. This is why I don’t feel this way about ketogenic diets. They’re all based on the same concepts: Low carbohydrates, moderate protein intake, and high fat intake. This is UNIVERSAL, across ALL the ketogenic experts. The only differences lie in what they call “low carb” (most agree under 50g/day) and what is “moderate protein”. Of course you’re right in that these things will be different for everyone, individually. But there are universal truths to ketogenic diets because of the basis for the treatment of seizures in children with epilepsy.

    I wonder if some of your frustrations come from trying to conform to someone else’s idea of the truth and not relying on your own intuition about your body and your food choices? I know that I have done that so many times, and I cannot even begin to count all the “diets” I have tried to follow to a T, only to give up in frustration because I could not get what they insisted worked, to work for me. Either it was some arbitrary rule that made no sense to me and I balked, or it was something difficult to maintain, like eating only organic, locally produced foods.

    I know I have a hard time with that too. I’d love to eat grass-fed, grass-finished beef, wild salmon, free-range chickens, etc., but they’re cost prohibitive for me. And I can’t find a way around that right now. Until I either make a LOT more money, I’m restricted to ordering on the Internet and the cost is simply too high for my budget. As for my frustrations, well — I have a post going up about that after I read/answer you. 🙂

    The lack of brain fog, that to me is saying you are where you should be. As human beings, we never had the ability to micromanage eating according to the latest scientific study like we do today. I daresay it is insane to spend so much time trying to change ratio’s, count carbs and create charts. There was a time (prior the agricultural era) when people ate what was available and did not care what it consisted of or what their blood ketone levels were. I also daresay that the current low carb leaders are spending huge amounts of time trying to rehash what is already known. Excess carb intake causes obesity. We are losing our ability to eat natural foods in a natural and nourishing way, all in the name of weight loss or better numbers.

    You’re right — too many carbs is the cause of obesity. But the solution isn’t as easy as just cutting carbs. The reason is because we don’t have the same responses to carbs universally. Some people aren’t very sensitive to it. Others are VERY sensitive to it (that would be me). And to LOWER my weight, I have to be aware of the new discoveries, due to better technology, which show excess protein is turned to glucose in the body. This is the same as eating carbs. It causes an insulin spike. Too much protein is the equivalent of carbs. So I have to watch the protein intake. More on this in my post, though. I think I’ll be seeing better results going forward.

    I wonder what would happen if you ate they way YOU really like, if you correlated that with how you feel is your optimum level of wellbeing, that the weight would gradually find it’s natural set point? I know that I tend to over complicate my own efforts, getting lost in the numbers and charts and expectations that come with formulas. And granted, I can get pretty scared that if I stop monitoring I will gain every pound back and more. its just that deep down, I believe that if I stopped doing all these things I want to work and do the things that really do work, it will prove to be what I needed to get back and maintain a normal weight.

    Eating the way I want to eat, the way I really like to eat, is how I got fat in the first place. This was well before unemployment forced me into eating high-carb processed foods. I simply ate the wrong things for my body, it became metabolically resistant as a result, and hyperinsulinemic as well probably, and before long, I was almost 300lbs. I can no longer “trust” my body to do what it needs, so I have to do what it needs consciously. But that’s me, and not necessarily everyone. I have to address this like someone with diabetes might. I can’t be careless; I’m too far gone for that.

    Sorry for writing a novel, but sometimes we have to step aside and look at what it is we are trying to achieve and if it is not happening, something is amiss. I just don’t think it is in a formula for you, I think it is in listening to what your body needs. Hunger and brain fog are body talk. When we listen, that body can talk pretty loud! lol.

    It sure can! But I think I’ve got some answers by listening to my body AND the numbers. See my next post for the details! And I have NO problem with you saying whatever you’d like here; you’re always welcome and NO comment is “too long” in my book. 🙂

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