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Over the Limit…AGAIN

Doggone protein. I just can’t seem to keep it in control.

Last night after dinner I entered all my numbers into the web site food tracker and found the protein hit a whopping 126g. That’s not a little over my limit, that’s more than two brats over my limit. There is absolutely no telling how much protein I took in during the weeks I didn’t record my meals.

With that in mind, I’ve included sour cream with my egg casserole today. I’ll have those and see if the satiety sensation goes farther into the day. I’m supposed to go out with some guests and such to dinner tonight, but I’m not really “feeling it” right now, and that is going to go way over my limit. I can easily see the steakhouse serving a 12oz or 16oz steak, which to my nearest guess is about 84-112g of protein in a single sitting.

Now, granted, I don’t have to eat it all. I can leave some on my plate, and that’s fine. But even an 8oz serving is a whopping 56g of protein, and I seriously doubt I could find a 6oz portion at these places. Not to mention the hidden carbs which will come with the salad dressings and things like that. Overall, going out tonight sounds like a disaster.

I’ll make that decision closer to the time to leave, I suppose.

So I fully expect to gain weight this week. I just don’t see how to avoid it. I can start again on Thursday, shooting for lower protein intake, but right now my stomach is absolutely growling and gnashing, and it’s not even 8AM yet. How am I going to put off eating for another three hours? UGH.

Well, back to the drawing board.


One thought on “Over the Limit…AGAIN

  1. the potato wife says:

    Sigh, please don’t stop enjoying being social because of food. Sadness there. When I HAVE to go to the steakhouse, I just have the 6oz sirloin and broccoli or green beans with a lot of butter. At least it is as healthy as I can make it. Even if the meal comes with other stuff, I say no. I know when you’re working it so hard and a restaurant rears it’s monstrous head, it feels like it is going to set you back. But it doesn’t have to. Are you really sure a bump in protein now and then is really that bad? Isn’t the fact that you have truly made LC your permanent way of eating the ultimate achievement? I strive everyday to have you and your wife’s tenacity and dedication.

    Aw, thank you. We try to try.

    It’s not that I’m going to stop being social, but it’s going to be hard to stay under my protein limit without adding the strain of trying to have a steak dinner on top of it. (Of course, seafood offers the same protein problems.) But I might be able to have a salad instead; it’s just I then face the problem of salad dressing and sugar. *Sigh*

    Going over on my protein wouldn’t be so bad tonight if I hadn’t just found out I’ve been going way, way over for WEEKS when I thought I wasn’t. It’s part of why my weight loss has been so slow, I’m sure. But I’ll face the decision when and IF (there may not be a dinner after all!) it comes my way.

    I am no angel, while I can handle most restaurants, I admit there have been many times it just feels too stressful to have to deal with it. But then soon I realize that I have begun to isolate myself in the name of food. Hope this is just temporary for you and that you find a way to enjoy both the protein and the evening out with joy and happiness that you are well on your way towards fabulous health!

    If I found a 6oz steak option, believe me, I’d take it! If it’s there, I’ll do that. I can look on their menu. And like I said, no one’s holding a gun to my head to force me to eat the whole thing. So we’ll see. And please know, we’re just as sick of thinking so much about food as you are. We don’t have any choice if we want to lose the weight, but it’s not fun. And we’re frustrated almost beyond our means at this point, especially my poor wife, who can’t seem to get her weight to BUDGE after losing about 10lbs in a single day when she dropped her protein.

    Thank you for the well-wishes, and please know my wife and I are both rooting for and praying for you!

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