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Well, I passed on the dinner out with colleagues last night, but I didn’t feel too bad about that. The brutally hot ride home in very high humidity was the worst part. While I would have enjoyed the meal, I think for now I need to be conscientious of what I eat and not throw myself farther back than I need to. This is a personal choice, not something I struggle with.

To be clear, I likely would have either ended up eating a chicken Caesar salad with only a few bites of meat on it, or getting something like a steak or seafood and leaving a lot of it on my plate — if I had the wherewithal to remember not to exceed my protein. One of the problems I have is, I enjoy food. And a really good steak would have been very difficult to stop eating.

So rather than deprive myself and throw myself out of ketosis — again — for two or four more weeks, I opted to control myself and my protein and eat at home.

Yesterday I managed to hit my numbers for the first time in weeks, probably. I got myself at 82% fat, 13% protein, and 5% carbohydrates. I probably need to try and get the fat higher and the carbs lower, but I ate our faux chocolate mousse last night which added just the right amount of fat and a bit of carbs from the sugar-free pudding. I don’t mind, though. I could try making this with cocoa powder and artificial sweetener instead, which would lower the carb count a bit (maybe), but right now, this works and it’s easy. I had this made and eaten in less than 20 minutes.

So for the first time, my numbers look right. Today, my stomach is already rumbling and it’s not even 9:30AM. Oh my goodness! What am I going to do to stall for another two or two and a half hours?!

Well, no weigh-in this morning. I didn’t want to take the time. And I don’t think I’ll see any weight loss for a little while. If I do, though, it will be nice to know I can go over on the protein and still lose. That will make eating a bit easier. All I’ll do is slow things down, not stop them. But I’m genuinely trying for nutritional ketosis now, not just seeing ketones in my urinalysis. I think if I can get there in the next couple of weeks (funny how Dr. Atkins’s induction phase was two weeks, huh?), I’ll be able to sustain it.

As an aside, I think it’s interesting I had to worry about hidden carbohydrates before. I could let the number drift up a bit but held myself as low as I could go. That was in 1997 and 1998, when I didn’t really do a very good job of following the plan (Atkins). I just ate as few carbs as I could, and continued on with as much protein as my heart desired. I spent a few months in a brain fog and still can’t remember huge blocks of time. *Sigh*

Now I have to watch my protein instead. It’s rather the same, being obsessive about the number, but now I do so with almost no regard for carbohydrates at all. I know how to keep them out, how to identify them. But my protein turning into sugar is the scary thing to me. When does that happen? How much does that cause brain fog? It prevents keto-adaptation so it’s going to be a source of brain fog, no doubt. But to what extent? Does the brain fog come and go as we drift into and out of nutritional ketosis?

I suspect I’ve been keto-adapted, because not long ago, I remember feeling very sharp, very focused and mentally agile. I don’t feel that way now, though I hesitate to say I’m in a fog. I still want better mental clarity, but wonder if this is the path or not. And the idea of intermittent fasting isn’t as appealing anymore, because when I get hungry, I’m really hungry. So things which are supposed to help weight loss, don’t seem to be.

Ah well, Just observations from the asylum’s inmate.


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