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Yet Another WTF Moment

Well, I stepped on the scale today for my check-up before Monday’s official weigh-in, and guess what? I’ve gained two pounds.

That’s right, after agonizing over how much to limit my protein and how to make sure I keep the grams down, I’ve managed to gain two pounds.

To be fair, I shouldn’t have expected overnight results, but the fact is, when I lose weight I lose it when I’m over the “limit” of my protein requirements. I’m also aware I may be in a state of brain fog, though.

Several weeks ago, I hit my stride mentally. I felt sharp, good mental clarity, and I noticed it when I could solve problems and see computer programming code clearly and intelligibly. I want to go back through some of my older records and see where those dates fall. If I can guess-timate what I ate during those times, where my protein intake might have been, I can better isolate the range I need to be in.

Of course, if the nutritional aspect isn’t causing me brain fog at all, I’m off my rocker.

So now the weekend, when it will be easier to monitor protein intake and see what my results are. If the scale goes up again, I may have to abandon the idea of holding protein so low.

On the other hand, I was aware of how much over the limit I’d been for a few days PRIOR to the weight gain, so I have yet to determine whether the gain is because of the shift in protein or as a result of too much for a few days. Time will show, I suppose.

Plus, I’ve only had one good day this week of (well, maybe two, depending on how last night turned out) of 80+% fat. We’ll see if doing that consistently will cause a positive move in my weight. (Positive meaning a drop in weight, of course.)

Still, it’s hard to imagine gaining weight on a ketogenic diet. WTH?!


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