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Bouncing Around AGAIN!

Dangnabit! I can’t get this right! Makes me wanna cuss and throw things!

No matter how low I dive on carbs and protein, I can’t get my weight to consistently move in the right direction. I’ve actually GAINED 1.2lbs this past weekend…somehow. I can’t explain it at all. I’ve held my protein under 100g (as I should), I’ve had my fat intake up to 80+% of my caloric intake (as I should), and I’ve kept my carbs under 5% of my intake (as I should). Yet, here I am registering a 1.2lb GAIN in weight.


I’m so frustrated I could spit. I really think I need one of the blood ketone meters and strips to see what’s happening, but I never wanted to go that far, and I don’t relish the idea of stabbing myself.

I did take the time to look at my past history in the online software and just see where I sat. Over the last couple of months, the biggest drops in my weight have come when I ate more than 2500 calories/day and the protein sat in the 100-110g range. I have some proof!


As you can see (and disregard the “Reasonably Well” settings, I simply don’t remember to change them), my biggest drops in weight came on Jul-08 and Jul-09.

Here’s my Diet Calendar for that period:


Not sure what these things mean. I thought, initially, I could look this over and see where my protein/losses coincided and get a clearer picture of what requirements I have to facilitate losing. But I’ve not been consistent enough entering my foods for this to be accurate. My biggest weight loss came between 08-Jul and 09-Jul, but I can’t get a static image of what that entailed because I’ve not seen that dramatic a shift in my weight again.

Also I weighed in later than normal this time. I usually weigh in around 6AM or so, but today not until after 8AM (home to celebrate my daughter’s birthday, which is technically tomorrow). So I can’t decipher the signals here. I have to be more faithful about entering ACCURATELY what I ate and seeing how those numbers play out on the scale, but nothing seems consistent right now. I kept my protein EXACTLY where it should’ve been yesterday, and all weekend actually, and yet today, I’ve GAINED 1.2lbs.

I expected my protein intake last night, which was 87g, to have a big impact and drop my weight. But it didn’t.

So now, I’m confused.

VERY confused. WTF?!


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