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EUREKA (Again)! … Maybe

Now, I’ve mentioned before my weight spikes, which have been, at best, confusing. But when I started accumulating data and charted it, I found some interesting things. I don’t want to say I’ve solved the mystery of my weight loss, but I may have struck upon the issue behind the weight spikes.

According to my Excel spreadsheet:

  • When I have too many carbs in my diet, my weight spikes.
  • When I have too much protein in my diet, my weight spikes.
  • When I have too much fat in my diet, my weight spikes.

Based on those (very) preliminary findings, my analysis shows me this:

  • I need to keep my carbohydrate intake below 20g/day
  • I need to keep my protein intake in the 70-80g/day range
  • I need to hold my fat intake to 200g/day or less

I experimented with my intakes on Monday and held them to those levels. Today, I registered a 1.2lb loss. I had a 1.4lb gain showing on Monday. And a .2lb gain on Saturday. By watching the numbers, I was able to set some targets and see how I did. And the results are in. I think.

So, now, it becomes necessary to monitor all three macro-nutrients to try and control my weight loss. This isn’t terribly surprising, but if I hadn’t collected relatively accurate (hopefully!) data daily for a week, I wouldn’t have been able to tell.

More data accumulation is necessary before I can determine how accurate this hypothesis is, but it holds true in my initial experiment. When I held my carbs under 20g/day, held my protein to about 70g/80g per day, and kept fat intake around or under 200g/day, I lost weight. According to my (very incomplete) chart.

Sunday night, when I saw this pattern, I determined to try it Monday, but became a bit concerned about hunger. One of the reasons we chose ketogenic dieting, in addition to the incredible health benefits it supposedly holds, is to prevent hunger and increase the feeling of satiety.

I tried it yesterday, deliberately keeping my numbers where they should have been. I was a bit hungry (with that strange, hunger-pang like sensation in my stomach for some reason) after dinner, and had a bit lower fat intake than I wanted. I drank a couple of tablespoons of melted coconut oil and went to bed. Before long, the hunger was gone, I didn’t suffer any reflux (more on that in another post), and I’m not terribly hungry today.

But, the lower fat might present problems from a hunger perspective. Also, I don’t know how high the protein content in my calories can be before the weight spike. If my current data is any indication, not much. I seem to have a low tolerance.

Anyway, it’s something to watch over the next few weeks. If my weight continues to drop after a month of this, I can likely conclude I’ve found the key. If not…*sigh* Back to the drawing board, I guess.


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