diet, weight loss

Down, Down It Goes…

Well! I think I have my mixture figured out! The problem is, it’s NOT EASY.

I have to make sure my fat is <- 200g/day, my protein <= 80g/day, and my carbs < 20g/day, and I lose weight. Two days running now I’ve dropped about a pound. At that pace, I’ll be down to goal in about 4 months.

Of course, I don’t expect to keep that pace up. And I’m sure at some point I’ll have a cheat day, but I can’t see it coming yet. I’m just thrilled to make the numbers work.

Naturally, more experimentation is needed before I can declare victory, and I’d love to find the top-end limit of protein intake before weight loss stalls. But that’s for another day, another week or month. I have to make sure this is the formula that works for me.

I can’t say for certain yet I’ve found the key. I can say, however, this is working and I anticipate being able to maintain this for a bit. I have to experiment some more with how high protein and fat can go, but honestly, right now I just want to lose the weight I haven’t been able to get rid of for so many months. I wish I could find the silver bullet for my wife too. It hurts me to see her suffer through this. But she’s collecting her data daily and we’ll start getting a bead on where she is and how we can move her forward. I’m certain we’ll figure it out, but it’s hard to watch her suffer like this.

For now I can revel in the idea that tomorrow, if everything in my theory holds up and I don’t mess up my numbers today, the middle digit on my weight will change again. That’s twice in the last two months, which is progress. And if I’ve found the way to make that progress stick, I suppose I’ll be watching that number drop every ten days or so.

Only 115lbs to go. Yay.


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