diet, weight loss

Ah, Life’s Cycles! Gotta Love ‘Em!

So today I stepped on the scale after having a stall yesterday. I got back on track with my numbers yesterday:

  • 202g of fat
  • 69g of protein
  • 16g of carbs

When I got on the scale, I did so knowing full well I hit my target range with everything and my middle digit was set to roll for two days now.

And it didn’t. Matter of fact, I gained a pound.

That’s right — doing everything right according to the data I have not only didn’t produce the expected results, but actually only produced the expected results 50% of the time. 25% of the time it had no results, and 25% of the time it had the opposite effect desired.

So now what?

Well, I have no idea. I don’t know if I’ve been too low on the protein for too long, or whether going over 200g of fat — no matter how little over it is — has the effect.

Now, to be fair, both days when I lost weight I had lower carbs and fat, so maybe that’s the ticket. I can’t tell yet, but I’m determined to find out. Meanwhile, I’ll see what happens tomorrow after another day of shooting at this target before I change it. If I do change it, I’ll likely lower my fat intake a bit so I can see if that works.

I’d love to go back and see what I ate when I was losing slowly, in small amounts, but eating well. I wasn’t ever hungry, don’t recall having brain fog, and can’t say I felt bad. But that ship has sailed, so I’m stuck.

Well, back to it, I suppose. Today is the company’s summer picnic and it’s being catered this time (we actually grilled our own hot dogs and hamburgers last year), but I’m going to skip it. I don’t think I’d enjoy the ribs as much as I want to lose weight and I can control my macro-nutrients and amounts better if I eat my lunch instead.

Have a good weekend!


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