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Trending Down Still

Well, my numbers looked good yesterday, but I think my protein came in a bit low. I tried to elevate it with some salami before bed, but the fat would climb too high if I kept that up. I probably should have eaten some chicken instead; it’s fat content is almost negligible I’m sure, and the protein would have been just what I needed. So, the weight came down, but only a couple tenths of a pound.

I want to note also, for posterity, I got mixed scale readings today when I weighed in at 9:30AM. I initially got my readings of 259.2, down .2lbs, but I only got two of those. On the third (and subsequent two) tries, I got readings of 260.4 (?!). I nudged the scale a fraction of an inch and got three more readings of 259.2lbs. I opted to believe that second set and recorded that.

  • Fat: 169g
  • Protein: 58g (low!)
  • Carbs: 13.4g (excellent!)

So, my chart shows the trend line moving down for all of the factors. While my fat popped a bit higher, it wasn’t out of range, and didn’t seem to affect the weight reading, unless it slowed the drop. I’ll address that today, but I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to be so low on protein for too long. I don’t want to lose any lean mass during weight loss. Lord knows, I haven’t got enough of that to go around as it is.

Onward! The experiment seems to be working. I think I have my weight loss ranges figured out. I have to ignore the typical ketogenic diet advice, which states to have your macro-nutrient proportions at something like 80% fat, 10-12% protein and the rest carbs. That simply doesn’t give me enough data for weight loss. If I’m chowing down on too many grams of protein per day, even if they’re only 10-12% of my intake, it will cause me to either gain weight or have an insulin response due to gluconeogenesis and I will not lose weight, full-stop. If my fat goes too far into the stratosphere in order to represent 80+% of my calories, I will not lose weight, and might even gain weight. I’ve seen that already firsthand. So it’s not as easy as it’s made to seem by ketogenic diet resources I’ve seen.

No matter, I have at last figured out the magic formula for me. I’m not generally hungry, but I do notice times when I’d like to eat. If I get busy with other things that sensation doesn’t produce pangs. So I think I’m learning to distinguish between hunger and appetite, perhaps for the first time in my adult life. While disconcerting because it comes so late in life, I am pleased to learn this at long last.

Today I have some stadium brats to cook. I’m debating over whether to deep-fat fry them like I did with the smoked brats last weekend, or to broil them in the oven and hope not to create a smoking mess and set off the alarms. I suspect I won’t bother broiling even though that’s my preference. I could just bake them in the oven, too, but that would likely take a lot more time than I’d want to spend. We’ll see.

The interesting thing about this meal is going to be handling fat. Each brat has about 20g of fat, and that’s the number because they’re pre-cooked. So I’ll eat three and only get about 27g of protein – excellent for leaving room for dinner later! – and about 60g of fat. I’ll have to add some fat to make the proportions right, and to hit my target, but need to be careful. I want to dip those in a sauce (so yummy!), but can’t go nuts with the fat content in the sauce, and of course carbs have to be watched (there are 3g in each brat).

The puzzle is coming together for me, I think. I think.


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