diet, weight loss

Interesting Developments

My numbers were good yesterday, though I dropped both fat and protein just a hair. I expected a loss this morning, though my expectations aren’t too high anymore.

Got mixed readings from 257.6 to 258.4lbs on the scale instead. I was going to go with the heavier weight (which would have been an increase of .2lbs), but decided for giggles to weigh in again right before my shower at 9:40AM (I’m not at work today). I got three consistent 258.0 readings in a row, no variation. So, like any desperate fat man, I went with that number instead.

I don’t know if it’s accurate or not – part of me wishes I could see well enough without my glasses to read a normal bathroom scale and I’d use that instead. The idea is to get consistent readings, not necessarily ISO-accurate ones. The problem with the digital scale is knowing if it’s reading all right or not.

At any rate, I’m losing weight again. This is two days in a row, so I fully expect to bounce up tomorrow regardless of what I do tonight with food intake. Time will show, but that’s been the pattern so far. I’m doggedly remaining unhappy so I won’t be dashed when the numbers climb tomorrow.

In other news, I’ll be losing my window office tomorrow. I’m very sad and feel hurt about that and can’t say why. And you know what? No one cares but me.


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