diet, weight loss

Only 110 More to Go

Yes, friends, only 110lbs separate me from goal, the svelte, sexy person I was 25 years ago.

I’m up .2lbs today but that’s okay. I expected a slight increase. I think the problem might be a tight limit on fat and protein, but it might also be what I’m eating. I may be having an insulin response to something I don’t  think I should be having a response to, and that’s what’s causing the issues with weight bounce.

For instance, we make low-carb chocolate (or other flavor) mousse. We use sugar-free instant pudding and heavy cream instead of milk, whip it (whip it good), and enjoy. But…what if I’m having an insulin response to it because of the artificial sweeteners, or the protein’s higher than we calculate (we can only go by the nutritional labels, which have a tendency to be dishonest, and only have to admit to the amounts in what they assign as a “serving”)?

Well, I’m not going to fuss about a couple of tenths of a pound. If I can lower my weight tomorrow doing what I think I ought to do tonight, I’ll know the secret to losing and can keep it going. I have to be patient with occasional bounces, I think, and not panic.

It would be nice to have a stable body weight with about 5% body fat, though. Hey, I can dream, can’t I?


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