diet, weight loss

Unsure How to Feel

I’ve been losing weight. Naturally, that’s a good thing. I stopped thinking about this as a “diet,” but my lifestyle change was targeted at first weight loss and then better health overall. The goal is to reach goal weight then switch from a ketogenic diet to a Paleolithic one and see if the weight loss sustains.

I will never again eat “normally” according to Western societal “norms”.

I’m all right with that so far, but I do have a huge desire to get a small loaf of sourdough and mash through it and a stick or two of butter in a single sitting.


Nevertheless, I’m down another .6lbs this morning and that’s weird, because I would have sworn the numbers pointed to either stagnation or a gain. Yet, here I sit, just over half a pound lighter.

The explanation’s an easy one. We had a wonderful stir fry with beef and oriental vegetables last night. I put half a cup of sour cream on mine, which made a wonderful sauce when blended with the soy and oil used for frying. MMMM!

Anyway, the macro-nutrients entered account for all the separate ingredients. So, two pounds of beef, divided by the portion of the pan selected as a serving (1/8, 1/6, 1/4…) renders the amount of the macro-nutrients used.

Except… it doesn’t.

Had I weighed out the vegetables and beef separately, I might have found different numbers. Ah, well. I’m not unhappy. Certainly, if my protein can go up and my weight still go down, you’ll hear no complaints from me. Rejoicing instead, in fact.

One thing concerning me right now is my hunger level. I was a bit hungry this morning and very hungry by mid-morning. But I held off until just after noon. Now, with all my food for the workday consumed, I’m still hungry (and other people are taking their lunches too, so I smell food all over the place).

I’m not supposed to be hungry but it’s taking a LOT longer for my brain to understand it doesn’t need anything further than I’d like. Nothing to be done about it, I guess, but I don’t want to be hungry all the time. (Yesterday’s food totaled almost 1900 calories, so I’m not sure why this was an issue this time.)

Ah, well. Is it worth being hungry to be thin?

Let me think about it, but I lean toward “not really.”


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