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Blew It

Well. I fell off the wagon, and bounced 1.6lbs in the fall.

Wendy’s Baconator doubles for dinner. WITH the buns. AND the fries. Yes, both. I was “celebrating” some good news at work. And that — Wendy’s garbage — was the best I could come up with for celebratory food.

You know what I should have done, but lost my nerve? I should have picked up a nice loaf of sourdough bread and ate it browned with butter and cheddar cheese on it, and had a few pieces with just butter too. Chase that down with a lovely Cabernet Sauvignon or something sweet, like a sherry or port. But no. I ate Wendy’s crap and today I feel bad about having cheated on my diet AND I’m hungry already because my body didn’t recognize that crap as food anyway.

So. Penalty paid, and I have to decide if I’m going to punish myself or indulge my craving for that sourdough. I swore I wouldn’t do both. I swore. But I know now I cheated in THE most unsatisfying way and I want vengeance on my stupidity.

How stupid is that?


One thought on “Blew It

  1. the potato wife says:

    Good bread, butter, cheese and port….OMG that is exactly my kind of heaven. But I pay for it too, my body hates grains and I swell up like a balloon. Congrats on the work thing! And yes, I have to agree…to splurge on fast food was a bit of a waste, a home grilled burger would have been much better….but I have found there is no logic whatsoever on why we choose the foods we do when that monster opens their eyes. I know my husband allows kicks himself after eating fast foods, he always thinks it’s going to taste better than it does, but it never even comes close.

    The saddest thing is, I knew it wasn’t going to taste great. I know that from experience, I know that from memory as recent as February, and I’ve known my tastes were changing away from fast food for years now. (I was an addict for most of my life, to fast food.) I settled on it because I wanted something like Burger King (closest to grilling) but they have TERRIBLE French fries, and the kids don’t like their food choices there as much. I compromised, getting “better” tasting fries and burgers superior to McDonald’s (but nothing like what I think a burger should be).

    And I LOOOVE good bread (sourdough is my favorite, since I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area). Add the fat of the cheese, a touch of butter or mayo, and a hint of browning? Goodness, my mouth is watering now. 🙂

    Thanks for the congrats, too. It’s not something I did, unfortunately, but something that just happened.

    BTW, I kept a sour dough pot for years, one of my favourite breads too. I love baking bread.

    The started doesn’t grow here worth a darn. You might have success in Scotland with it!

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