diet, weight loss

Locked in Place

I can’t get my weight to budge, but after indulging so heavily in carbohydrate-based foods for two days, I don’t suppose it’s reasonable to expect my body to do anything cooperative now.

I found I was in trace levels of ketosis when I tested over the weekend, despite the overdose of bread, grapes and wine on Friday night which followed the hamburgers and fries on Thursday night. But I did enjoy my bread, cheese, grapes and wine. Mmm, heavenly!

Saturday and Sunday back on the wagon, as I said before. And of course I dropped a full pound of the nearly three I’d gained, but nothing since then. I suspect the drop was mostly water weight, and now I have to wait for the ketosis to kick in again before I lose any further.

The good news, however, is I’ve kept my numbers ideal for weight loss for two straight days now. No cravings for more bread or fruit. (Okay, that’s a lie. I think sourdough bread should be exempt from carbohydrates and eaten freely by all without any ramifications whatsoever. I always want sourdough, but that’s life.)

I did find I wanted to finish the Zinfandel though. I miss red wine with dinner. I used to do that quite regularly, and enjoyed it. *Sigh*

Well, nothing lost but nothing gained either, so on I go trying to make it happen.

Hope it’s not a two- to four-week cycle. That’d stink.


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