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No Change

I’m a bit surprised today. There wasn’t the drop in weight I anticipated based on yesterday’s numbers. As a matter of fact, there wasn’t any change at all. Not an increase OR decrease. Which started me thinking about what’s happening with my body…again.

I can get heavily into this if I try, and truth be told I started considering this yesterday BEFORE I weighed in this morning. I didn’t put too much stock into the thought, though, because I don’t have a lot of data analysis skills, and even if I did, our bodies are sometimes pretty mysterious.

Last night’s numbers ended up right where I needed them to be for weight loss. I had my fat under 150g (about 130, actually), my protein under 80g, and my carbs under 20g. Normally, I’ve seen those numbers produce a drop.

I noticed, however, when I have dropped weight, my ratios of fat/protein/carbs were generally different than what would be considered “ketogenic” proportions. That’s fine, I’m not battling epilepsy, and because I’m only doing this for weight loss I have the luxury of playing with ratios and proportions.

What I noticed is, I’m generally in the 70-80% range on fat, when the numbers produce a loss. I’ve not paid much attention to the ratios lately because the numbers themselves generated results. But last night’s data set showed 84% fat, and about 12% protein. And perhaps that represents an issue.

To be sure, I’d have to go back through all my data and see what the proportions are for every registered weight loss in the months of July and August, but even that won’t present a good enough chart of the ratios. So, I have to now figure out how I can track those with the rest of my numbers.

Adding another data set to the chart will make it horribly difficult to use … and I’m not even sure Excel’s capable of doing that. So how to do it?

I think a separate chart showing my weight against the ratios will work for this, but I have to test.

Stuff to think about. Who knew losing weight could be so scientific?


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