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Now THAT’S More Like It!

Okay, so today I stepped on the scale and what do I see?

I’m down to 256.4lbs, very near the lowest I’ve been in the last six months, almost fully recovered from the binge of carbs over the weekend. So, note to self: It can take a week or more to overcome the binges. Don’t do it. It might not be worth it.

(But it was.)

Anyway, this sort of compounds my confusion in a way. For one thing, I have no idea why there was such a big spike yesterday. My wife put forward the idea of perhaps water weight. An increase in salt may have caused it, or perhaps I simply drank more through the course of the day and didn’t expel it all before weighing in.

She’s a smart cookie. Based on today’s numbers, I think she might be right. I wonder, too, if that might have something to do with why she’s not losing. Is her balance off in some micronutrient, like potassium or magnesium? I’ve not been as disciplined as I should be with supplementation, and I suspect she’s not either, but I don’t know that for sure. She says she’s studying her charts and can’t find anything useful there. I know she’s been frustrated. Who wouldn’t? 180 days past and only one significant change in weight? C’mon.

For whatever reason today, though, I’m back on track toward goal. Mostly. I mean, I’m still off by .2lbs, but I should make that up over the weekend. Cooked brats (as opposed to the raw sausages I have to completely cook myself) are on the menu for lunches and I hope to have some bacon zapped too. Maybe I’ll make some Oopsie buns if I can pick up the Cream of Tartar.

Anyway, this is going better. Now… If I can just get my body to throw off the pounds a bit faster…


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