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Weirdness and Weight

Okay, so the scale’s not the best method for determining success or failure of a ketogenic diet, according to Dr. Stephen Phinney. He’s an “authority” so who am I to argue with his decades of research and studies and books galore, right?

I differ with him on one thing and one thing firmly: The scale is the sole reason I’m even doing a ketogenic diet program in the first place. I don’t have more energy, I don’t have better health, and I don’t care about those things anyway. I’m doing this to lower my body fat percentage and to make sure I lose weight and regain the body I had before I came to Illinois and got promptly fat and lazy.

If the diet won’t succeed in that aspect, the last thing I want to hear from “authorities” is, “Well, be glad where you are. Re-set your expectations. You should be happy with what you have.”

Bullshit, forgive my harsh language. If that’s your answer, Dr. Phinney, you’re not the “authority” you claim to be. My weight is the problem I need to resolve, not some fact I have to accept like my hair color or height. If I can’t lose weight doing a ketogenic diet, I want to know why and what will work.


Anyway, gained a pound today somehow. Kept my numbers right where they should have been, though I came in very low in fat yesterday. Still, shouldn’t have seen a spike. Carbs might’ve been higher than I’d like, but still. Mysterious.

Today I’ll be better, methinks, and I started the day off with a good, solid breakfast of four eggs, scrambled with cream and topped with cheddar and sour cream, and two slices of bacon. Very keto, and delicious. I have to admit, one thing I did like hearing from Phinney was I may have more room for protein than I’ve been allowing. People on ketogenic diets need higher protein levels than those that aren’t, so the RDA for protein has to go out the window. 1.5-2g/kg of body weight is his recommendation. (That’s going to be too high for me, but maybe – just maybe – I can control fat and get there. I dunno.)

So I cooked up the bacon today and it’s awesome, and I’ve figured out a method for getting my eggs light and fluffy when they’re cooked! As a bonus, the egg taste is sort of neutralized so they could be used as bread substitutes without much consequence in flavor, I think. I want to make BLTs with them and see.


One thought on “Weirdness and Weight

  1. the potato wife says:

    lol…’s funny how we listen to the same podcast but come away with different takes on it. It actually helped me to hear that I could be healthier and feel better by staying consistent on keto low carb. But I think I am much older than you, I have given up on caring about an attractive slender body. At this point, I need one that will carry me through more years.

    No, no… you’re only about six or seven years older than I am. There’s not much difference in our ages. We’re both beyond the ability of our body to recover from the damage we do quickly. 😉 The frustration with Phinney’s comments came because of his dismissive attitude toward people struggling the repeated suggestion to simply accept their current weight and stop having expectations of losing. That’s simply not why most people are doing a ketogenic diet, and they want to know how to break through stalls. I found surprisingly little info on that. But I’m glad you found useful things in it and renewed inspiration! Good for you!

    I find other experts are a little too free with the eat as much as you want as long as the carbs are low enough bull. For men, that might work fine, with my body, excess calories are stored.

    I agree, that’s plain bad advice. And I’m a man, and I have weight gain if I don’t stay in that “magic range” of numbers I’ve discovered.

    It’s interesting to me that you are only doing this to lose weight. I know you have mentioned going paleo to maintain, but once you are keto adaptive, don’t you think it will be harder to maintain your weight at a higher carb level? I wonder again, if this is is all something a younger body can do, or whether it is influenced by male/female differences? The moment I leave ketosis, I gain weight. Not just fluid…fat too.

    Well, I’ve heard some pretty amazing thing about Paleo’s health benefits, and at some point I will no longer be interested in losing weight. I am, however, wondering about the keto-adaptation and the addictive qualities it has, so to speak. If I feel good enough, why would I break out of it? And I don’t know that I would. I think a “low-carb paleo” option would be my choice, to try and stay in ketosis (nutritional). I don’t know if the lower carb sustained will cause GREATER sensitivity to insulin, as is the hope, or whether the insulin sensitivity NEVER changes, which would…well, stink. 🙂

    I can’t say about male/female differences. I know my wife isn’t having success and I am, but a few years back, it was the reverse with a different diet program.

    Is your wife keeping an online blog? I would love to see what her experiences are.

    She’s not blogging about her diet plans, no. I’ll let her know you’re interested, though, and see if she’s willing to start one. 🙂

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